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What Is Your Side Yard View?

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Side Yard View

One of the most neglected areas of the average homeowner’s lawn is the side yard. Frequently home to weedy patches, garbage cans, and long stretches of grass, I decided my side yard needed a garden that would make you smile.

This patch of the partial sun is filled with traditional perennials including Geranium, Iris, and Hosta which bloom early summer, followed by Rose and Hydrangea which bloom mid-summer, and Daylilies and Black-Eyed Susan which bloom late summer. the patch of white at the bottom right is a self-seeded Artemisia ‘Valerie Finnis’. I love the combinations but plan on pulling the rose out this fall since it demands more sun. The rest are surviving heartily and give me lots of happiness whenever I walk past.

What is your side yard view?

Above you see a photo Brenda Haas from BG Garden Photography took when she came in for a visit. Thanks, Brenda – a really nice shot!

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  1. I just clicked over to share your 'yard' with someone on twitter #gardenchat tonight to find this new post. What a wonderful view….. I love your yard! I see why you are outside all the time like me.

  2. My side yards are the stars of my garden. On one side of my house I have a native woodland shade garden with native prairie plants in the sunny spots and raised vegetable beds. On the other side is a rain garden with native perennials for the hummingbirds and butterflies. Now if I could just figure out how to be as excited about the main front and back yards…

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