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“Growing A Greener World” TV Shoot In My Front Lawn – A Modern Green Victory Garden

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Shawna Coronado and Joe Lamp'l with cameraman taping the garden

Today was the big day; Joe Lamp’l and his hardworking Growing A Greener World TV  television crew came to my yard to feature my front lawn vegetable garden. Joe wanted his feature to be about educating people on “Victory Gardening” in a more modern way. Joe and the whole crew were on-site at my front lawn vegetable front lawn vegetable gardengarden and we had a fantastic time working together. Joe, working as producer and host, puts everyone at ease, and his staff is kind and professional.

Here’s how the shoot went – first, I invited some garden blogger friends over to give me a hand with the day. Here they are in the photo to the right (left to right) Brenda Haas of BG Garden blog, Louise Hartwig, (supportive Mom of Kylee Hartwig Baumle), Shawna Coronado (that’s me), and Kylee Hartwig Baumle of Our Little Acre blog came the evening before. We celebrated with dinner, margaritas, and wonderful conversation. We all had a great time!

Brenda was the photographer for the day, taking over 800 photos – wow! Kylee had her camera out snapping away as well, and Kylee and Louise helped with organizing lunch for the television crew. Each was invaluable and offered incredibly appreciated assistance for the day – and front lawn vegetable gardenall of them drove from Ohio just to help out! Thank you, ladies!

Joe called me later the day before the shoot letting me know that their episode on the rooftop of the Daley Center had simply been a delight (yes I AM being sarcastic) with torrential downpours and sticky-humid Chicago heat – it delayed the shooting time tremendously, so he and his crew would be several hours late in the morning. I began sweating profusely worried about timing but crossed my fingers.

By the next day, the time for his visit had been extended beyond 10 AM. Lots of people had arrived to watch the show being taped. We all waited patiently with fingers crossed hoping for the best. At 11:00 AM Joe and his team pulled into my driveway and a small cheer escaped the crowd. With no further delay, I ran out the door and gave Joe and his cameramen a five-minute tour of my sustainable garden so they would be able to build the best shots in a short time — turns out they all had to be at Midway Airport by 2:00 PM. This meant we had to be done in less than two hours for them to make it on time.

Let me explain my garden; essentially it is the garden that ate Warrenville, Illinois. It is on a cul-de-sac in a very common suburban neighborhood in the suburbs of Chicago. However, my intense gardening addiction has now taken over my life and my neighbor’s properties. No kidding. It is a LOT of gardens to cover with a television show taping in less than two hours. Therefore, the executive decision was made to focus only on the front vegetablefront lawn vegetable garden garden which I am using to help people understand more about how to feed the hungry.

We surveyed the area discussing what would work best, then jumped in taping the show. Above you see Joe and I discuss how to address the vegetable garden details in the film. At the right you see his crew filming us sitting on the front porch in front of the rainwater cistern system. His crew is trying to push light onto our faces with a portable shiny mirror so the camera can see us better while we are having our conversation.

My neighborhood is relatively quiet, but of course, today during our shoot several extremely loud trains went by on the local train line, a dozen airplanes went overhead, loud trucks drove by, the mailman drove by, the UPS man drove by, and cars drove by. Surprisingly there were no marching bands going by. Below you see Joe and me cracking up while we are waiting for one of the trains to go by.

front lawn vegetable garden

And guess what? We finished in under two hours with smiles on our faces. We all had a fantastic time during the shoot. My helpers were absolutely fabulous. Thank you Brenda for all the amazingly well-taken photos and to Kylee and Louise for helping with lunch. Most of all thank you to all the wonderful team from Growing A Greener World TV, both on-site and off, for helping make my debut on your television show such a terrific experience. It was fun – can I do it again please?::wink::

**All photos on this page are credited to Brenda Haas of BG Garden Photography.

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  1. Shawna, you are a real pro. Taping for a national television program, all the while keeping your cool and being your wonderful, down-to-earth self. This is what we love about you.

    Thank you once again for inviting us to be there with you. It's always a joy to spend time with you and I'm so glad we got to meet the rest of your family. I'm bummed that “Kiddo” and I didn't get to say a proper goodbye and get this photo together. Next time! She's so adorable.

    These two days made some wonderful memories! *hugs*

  2. Only been following you via Twitter a short while but from what I have already read, you defintely deserve the accolade of being on the show. I'm really pleased that the day went well and I hope everything goes well for you in the future.

  3. It was a great day Shawna and fun to relive it through your eyes. Sorry to scare you about all the delays but that's television production for you. If its not one thing, it's another.

    Your entire garden is simply amazing but I especially love what you've done with your front yard vegetable garden. Beautiful and functional, and the neighbors don't even know its a food garden. That's going to inspire a lot of viewers to do the same and dispel the myth that veggie gardens are unattractive once they see how fantastic your's looks.

    Thank you for allowing everything to flow so smoothly when our crew got there. We really enjoyed seeing all your helpers and we're still talking about the fantistic lunch you sent us off with. This was a day we'll remember for a long time. I can't wait to share your story with the country.
    Thanks Again!

  4. Thank you for everything Shawna – your garden growing green is AMAZING! My photos do not do it justice. You have NO IDEA what a dream it was for me to be IN the ZONE that I have been learning from via your book. It was wonderful to experience a totally MAXED OUT and FUNCTIONAL garden that is growing the right way. HECK… now that I have been learning the green those little RED APHIDS were even an pleasure to meet now that I know the natural way to 'nuke' them! You are Super GIRL – I don't know how you do all that you do for the Green World but please continue to do it. Your work will pay off in the end. IF ANYTHING – you have inspired me to do all I can natural.

  5. Sounds like a fun shoot with Joe and his team. Can't wait to see the show!
    Hard to control outside noises. For me it always seems like the garbage truck goes by when I am talking on camera.

  6. isn't it funny how loud things get once the video is rolling? My favorite is when some distant dogs start howling or the neighbor's gardener fires up his leaf-blower. Lovely post, Shawna – I can't wait to see the episode and more photos of your beautiful garden – it's truly stunning!

  7. Hey Ms. Shawna, I'm glad the shoot went well for y'all. It sounds like everyone had a good time, in a short time! And from what I see in your photos here, the garden looked fabulous!

  8. Congratulations Shawna on being filmed and spreading the word about greening our gardens. We are on the same wavelength here, but I'm quite a few steps behind. Keep digging and sharing!

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