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Margarita-Gardener In Mexico Bird Feeder Contest

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I am excited to announce the “Margarita-Gardener in Mexico Bird Feeder Contest”

Margarita Gardener

Margarita Gardener

Beginning March 20, 2009 my family and I are going to Mexico for 14 days. During the trip I will be blogging EVERY DAY – sometimes several times a day – on greening, agriculture, and eco-adventure. You can follow these adventures at my blog.

I want to get new followers for my blog while I am away writing and eco-adventuring (and having a few margaritas while sitting in a hammock on the beach).

Droll Yankee Bird Feeder

Here’s where the contest comes in:

For every person who joins my blog as a follower AND for every person who refers someone who joins and/or subscribes via email, you get your comment entered into the contest. The more qualifying comments, the better chance to win.

When I return from Mexico, I will use a random number generator to  select a winner of the contest from all comments left on this blog. The winner wins this awesome Onyx Clever Clean bird feeder made by Droll Yankees Bird Feeders for their garden or balcony.

To enter the contest – JOIN by clicking “FOLLOW” in the followers area to the right, than leave a comment below. OR – REFER someone who is a new follower, than BOTH OF YOU need to leave a comment below informing me of the referral. While you can only join once, you can refer an unlimited number of people and get additional chances to be qualified to win by leaving comments!

By the way – the best gardening comment left on this blog will get an additional surprise sent to them. I will inform the comment winner and the bird feeder winner when I return from the Mexican blogging eco-adventure.

So get to it – start following this blog and enter to win! OH – and in answer to your question – yes those are my knees in the photo above and I DO have a margarita in my hand and a smile on my face!

Shawna Coronado says Get Healthy! Get Green! Get Community!

A Gardener’s Nightmare – “Welcome to Chicago Lady!”

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  1. Have fun. I could not imagine leaving my place for fourteen days. I did a week last spring and nearly regretted it. In the fall I can escape for a week and be okay.

  2. Hi there.. I’m headed to Fort Worth myself to a dog show (Newfie), but will be back and starting my spring gardening frenzy when I get back..

    Take care and have a great trip.. Ellen “Newfies, Orchids and Mini’s, OhMY!!

    Tip – just found out about ‘mineral tubs’, large containers used by ranchers/cattlemen for lifestock. When empty they make fabulous large planters, I’m getting a few here locally next month, I can’t wait.

  3. Blogging every day eh?? Looks like you’ve got caught up in too much vacation to have much time for blogging. ;~P

  4. Look forward to reading and learning more from you! I am truly just beginning my green way of life and starting new sites on the subject! Have a great trip and thank you for teaching..

  5. I’ve enjoyed following you on Twitter and on GardeningNude while you’ve been in Mexico. What a fabulous trip you’ve had!

    It’s interesting to see what other parts of the world are doing to help the environment. Brightening the corner where you live takes on all kinds of meanings, and in the case of the environment, it’s neat to see how sensitive others are to it and do things that are appropriate to their own unique environment.

    Thanks for making me much more aware of even little things that I wasn’t aware of before.

    Do people garden for pleasure in Mexico the way we do here? I mean, I can see them growing for food, but what about flower gardening and landscape gardening? Is that as popular there as it is here?

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