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  • Do you feel too busy to fix dinner, exercise regularly, and get healthy?
  • Is Procrastination your middle name?
  • Are you struggling to find time for it all and feel exhausted?
  • Do you have chronic pain?

The 8 Minute Method is a guide to prepare food and add daily movement or exercise to your extremely busy life. This program can bring you better health! I created the plan in order to reduce chronic pain associated with my own severe spinal osteoarthritis. While reducing my pain levels with the program, I also lost weight, gained energy, reduced my allergy symptoms and changed my life forever for the better.

My program can work for you too — it is created specifically for those with extremely busy schedules. You can lose weight, reduce chronic pain, improve mental health, and feel more energetic by using the method. All in 8 minute segments of time.
I believe in you – let’s get going!!

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“I’ve learned so much about taking care of my body and eating a balanced diet to support a healthy (pain free) lifestyle— I am much better for it!!”

I have followed Shawna for years. First, I was wowed by her gardening expertise. Then, as she began navigating health challenges and sharing her newfound knowledge regarding inflammation and how to tame it effectively. Inflammation was my issue, too, and I’ve learned so much about taking care of my body and eating a balanced diet to support a healthy (pain free) lifestyle—I am much better for it!

Lisbeth goldberg

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“Shawna has helped me… so that I can live a healthier lifestyle with less pain! “

Shawna has been such an encouragement to me! She is so knowledgeable about living an anti-inflammatory life style. Shawna is a wealth of ideas and suggestions. I might have some more work to do, but Shawna has helped me get my feet under me so that I can live healthier lifestyle with less pain!

Amy Beth

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