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  • Irrigation-grid-in-elevated-bed-ready-to-go

    Garden Grid™ Watering Systems


    Get $10 off any Garden Grid™ Watering Systems order of $100+ with the “SHAWNA10” Code!

    EASY-PEASY Tool-Free Garden Watering Systems 

    These super easy ~ tool-free ~ garden watering systems set up in under a minute because they are PRE-ASSEMBLED.

    The reason this product is loved by tens of thousands of gardeners is because it is reliable and easy to use.

    Price Range: from $55 to $155 depending on the custom unit you select.

  • portable-greenhouse

    Portable Greenhouse


    FANTASTIC PORTABLE GREENHOUSE! This is very similar to the portable greenhouse I used for the 5 Ways to Use a Portable Greenhouse Post you all have been asking me about. Pop it up for ALL the outdoor jobs or growing situations. BONUS – it makes a great “kid tent” for sleepovers or fun indoors OR…

  • birdies elevated bedsBirdies-Raised-Beds-just-assembled

    Birdies Elevated Beds by Epic Gardening


    5% OFF use Discount Code “SHAWNA5” – Epic Gardening’s Birdies Raised Beds

    The Birdies Elevated Bed Difference

    Customizable: Each bed comes with 4 corner panels and 6 side panels, allowing for customized assembly into 1 of 6 different dimensions.

    30″ Tall: Compared to most metal beds at 12″ tall or less, these beds offer improved pest resistance and season extension. They also allow for better soil life, drainage, and root growth.

    Easy to Assemble: Put your bed together with nuts, bolts, and washers for an easy no-tool construction, keeping your bed sturdy and safe from bowing.

    Lightweight and Strong: Aluzinc galvanized 24-gauge steel is lightweight but strong, lasting four to seven times longer than standard wooden beds.

    Rust and Corrosion Resistant: Aluzinc is two to seven times more effective against rust and corrosion than standard galvanized coatings. These will outlast even the highest-quality wooden raised beds with no fading over time.

    No Contamination: Unlike low-grade plastic, chemically treated wood, or poorly manufactured copycats, Birdies Aluzinc steel does not leach or break down over time in any significant way, meaning these beds are completely safe to grow food in.

    First raised beds Birdies ever made 13+ years ago are still being grown in today with minimal corrosion.

    They continually sell out every time we restock them, so order or pre-order ASAP if you’d like some in your garden this season.

  • Crescent Garden 26 inch Containers with Tomatoes and AnnualsCrescent Trudrop Rim Planter Water Level 26 inch

    Crescent Garden Rim TruDrop Planter, Self-Watering Plant Pot


    One of my favorite self-watering plant pots EVAHHHHHH, the Crescent TruDrop Planter works well for annual plants or tropical plants that require moist soil. Best yet, you can go weeks (maybe even months depending on weather conditions) without watering. I have found the containers to be extremely long lasting in the garden – I’ve had products from Crescent for nearly 10 years without replacing them.

  • Rain Wand Sprayer by DrammDramm Watering Wand

    Dramm RainSelect Rain Wand


    The NEW 9-Pattern Rain Wand is the perfect tool for outdoor watering. The nine patterns vary from a fine mist settling for seedling, to the shower setting for mature plants and flowers. The One Touch thumb valve provides complete water flow control. Efficiently saving water while watering from one plant to the next. Great item for water restricted areas! The Rain Select 9-Pattern Rain Wand is made with aluminum for a lightweight and durable feel, comes with a lifetime guarantee to the consumer, and is available in 4 vibrant colors: Red, Green, Blue, and Berry

  • view of covered patio and outdoor roomA pergola can provide a lot of shade to a hot sunny patio

    Yardistry Gazebo


    Everyone asks me “WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR GAZEBO?!?!” — and the answer is Yardistry. A great brand. I love having the gazebo for my outdoor kitchen area and it is perfect as it offers so much shade. If you want to get your own yardistry gazebo, click through and check’er out. There are many styles for you to choose from depending on your individual needs – with different roof, design, and measurement styles. The Wood Gazebo with Aluminum Roof adds character to any area, creating the perfect setting for all your outdoor entertainment needs.

  • cobrahead_originalPool-Noodle-Tool-Wrap-Trick

    CobraHead Original Weeder and Cultivator


    The Original CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator is here to make those jobs easier so that you can focus on planting and nurturing your garden. This hand cultivator comes with a blade designed to cut through any soil, even clay. Its slender design gives it an unprecedented level of precision without sacrificing durability.

  • Dramm-ColorPoint-Bypass-Pro-Pruner

    ColorPoint Bypass Pro Pruner


    Love this slip-proof ColorPoint Bypass Pro Pruner as it is critical for gardeners with gripping problems. You can unlock with your thumb.