Hey there, I’m Shawna, Your Friend in Wellness!

Let’s embark on a transformative journey towards improved well-being and vitality together. As your trusted anti-inflammatory wellness friend, I’m committed to guiding you on the path to living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that fuels your body, mind, and soul. To be clear, I am not a dietician or nutritionist, I am a person who has gone through a long health journey, just like you. I have written two cookbooks and nine books total on organic living and growing.

I share smart daily anti-inflammatory lifestyle choices so you can feel better RIGHT NOW. We will work together to make a real difference in your routine and lifestyle!

My goal is to work in tandem with your medical experts to help you stay on track with your plan. I am here as a friend and coach to help you set and keep your health goals. Starting a plan is one thing. STAYING ON A PLAN is the important goal we will be working towards.

Elevate Your Wellness Journey with An Expert Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle Coach

Let’s break free from the grip of inflammation that holds us back. With years of experience under my belt, I understand the unique challenges we face in today’s world. Together, we’ll explore how to make lasting changes that minimize inflammation. We want to optimize your health. Science has proven that inflammation is an on-going health concern which leads to and exacerbates many health problem.

Nourish Your Body with Informed Food Choices

Navigating the world of nutrition can be overwhelming. I’m here, as your wellness coach, to simplify it for you. Having lived the experience of having to discover which food sensitivities and other concerns cause inflammation, I am experienced with the difficulty of making personal changes. I’ll help you in crafting personalized meal plans that combat inflammation. Together, we’ll explore the vast array of anti-inflammatory foods that can heal and nourish your body using my Anti-inflammatory Dietary Guide as a starting point.

What You Will Get in Your Coaching Sessions

Here is what we will be covering in your first one-hour coaching call:

  • Welcome
  • I spend some time with you to get to know your concerns and issues
  • You establish the focus of the session and the desired outcome and I coach you
  • I hear your concerns, ask questions, note your language, and remain a neutral listener
  • I acknowledge and affirm as appropriate and keep our session on track to best assist you
  • I offer suggestions or assessments with your permission
  • You can accept, reject or counter offer any suggestion I make. We will form a strong plan for your success
  • You determine the action and/or commitment moving forward that will help you stay accountable
  • You share key outcomes; your take-aways and insights gained from the session
  • Confirm any possible “homework” and schedule next appointment 

Subsequent calls and appointments will be all about building your personal anti-inflammatory wellness plan. I will encourage you and help guide you to success as a part of your team and in conjunction with your medical experts guidance. Most importantly, we will build a path to a better lifestyle based on your own individual needs.

Stay the Distance on Your Plan

I’m not just a wellness coach; I’m your ally in this journey. Let’s move beyond short-term fixes and fad diets. Together, we’ll build a sustainable lifestyle that supports your well-being for the long haul. With me by your side, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools needed to maintain a vibrant and inflammation-free life.

Let’s start this exciting journey together and unlock your full potential for a healthier, happier you.