About Shawna


Hi, I’m Shawna! I want you to find success getting well in middle of your messy, crazy, hectic schedule. Because I transformed my own life and health, I know how it feels to make the journey. Let’s get healthy – and best yet – HAPPY, together!

I Know What it is Like to Find My Health While Living a Hectic Schedule

When I was first diagnosed with severe degenerative osteoarthritis of the spine and could barely walk or sleep or live, I thought that I was all alone even though there were people all around me. Inflammation was causing so many difficult symptoms, but inflammatory pain in particular is the great isolator in all it’s forms. It is common to live secluded with your pain and that can push you into depression and isolation. I spent a lot of time crying myself to sleep, thinking my life was over, and that I might never recover.

My life was incredibly hectic and at first it seemed impossible to try to get healthy when I simple DID NOT HAVE THE TIME. Then I adopted techniques which made it possible to lose weight, get more energy, and have less chronic pain even with my busy schedule – it changed my life forever for the better.


There is Hope if You Have Chronic Pain and Health Problems

Discovering how to take care of myself through an anti-inflammatory lifestyle brought me more than health, it brought me happiness. I feel like I was gifted with this horrible inflammatory lemon for a reason. I have been given a mission in life to change that lemon into the grandest most delicious anti-inflammatory bad-ass lemonade cocktail ever. When I learned how to simplify my life and habits it brought me happiness and life satisfaction. I want to share that joy with you.

This goal is now my life’s work — to help you feel better through anti-inflammatory living even though you might have the busiest schedule ever.

You can have less chronic inflammation, lose weight, have more energy, and feel so much better. You deserve the joy of living life to its fullest!

This website is the wellness hub that connects you to anti-inflammatory meal tips, exercise encouragement, garden tips, and lifestyle training:

  • Free food recipes, garden ideas, and wellness tips (The Wellness Blog)
  • Step-by-step coaching on anti-inflammatory cooking, exercise, and living (Coaching HERE)
  • Detailed and extensive guides to help you through the process of adopting an anti-inflammatory lifestyle (My Books)

Helping you to find your wellness and happiness is my life’s mission!

Changing old health habits can be as easy as taking that first step. Because I’ve done it myself, I know what it is like and I’ll be with you all the way!

I believe in you – YOU GOT THIS!


If you are considering hiring me to speak or work with your brand or business, if you want to learn more about my work experience, or if you have questions or want to talk to me, just shoot me an email at shawna at shawnacoronado dot com.