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Best Tequila Glazed Fish Tacos with Avocado Salsa Recipe

Ryan and Shawna cooking up one of Shawna’s favorite dishes. My friend, Chef Ryan Hutmacher, won ABC’s The Chew Search for the Weight Watchers® Chef a while back. Before that, when he still lived in Chicagoland, he and I filmed a series of awesome cooking videos where we used fresh ingredients to prepare healthy recipes for all you wonderful peeps. Chef…
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How to Prune the Wave Petunia

One of the terrific things about the Wave Petunia is that it requires very little maintenance there are no complex cutting procedures, for instance, if you want to trim back the petunia itself. Cut mercilessly and with vigor. The results will be more waves of flowers and a beautiful display. Watch this quick video sponsored by the Wave Petunia company and…
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Lucca Italy is a Fantastic Walking Tour Destination

Visiting Lucca is very much like stepping back into time. Unlike Rome, which is a large bustling metropolis with honking horns and constant sirens, Lucca offers peace and quiet with an old world feel. Lucca Italy is a fantastic walking tour destination. In the early morning, as the light is just starting to touch Lucca’s walls, I found solace on…
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