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Vegan Cauliflower Steak Flavor Swap Recipe

One of my favorite dishes ever – as a side dish or as a main vegan dish – is Cauliflower Steak. This yummy bit of heaven is not steak at all, but cauliflower heads which are sliced thick and sprinkled with your favorite spices. In this post I teach you how to make your own custom flavor of cauliflower steak…
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How to Plant a Light Weight Container Garden

Every year I’m plagued with the same seasonal drama — from early spring to late summer I see a significant sun positioning change within my garden. I often have to move my container gardens around to find the best light or they suffer from too little or too much sun. While the in-ground gardens and elevated beds must suffer the…
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Lucca Italy is a Fantastic Walking Tour Destination

Visiting Lucca is very much like stepping back into time. Unlike Rome, which is a large bustling metropolis with honking horns and constant sirens, Lucca offers peace and quiet with an old world feel. Lucca Italy is a fantastic walking tour destination. In the early morning, as the light is just starting to touch Lucca’s walls, I found solace on…
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