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One Fantastic Flowering Performer – An Annual to Beat All Annual Flowers!

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Drought tolerant annual

This season I have been amazed by the most outstanding drought tolerant annual in my garden ever – the Diamond Frost Euphorbia by Proven Winners. See Diamond Frost Euphorbia in the above photo Diamond Frost Euphorbia mixed display on front walkway      mixed with Supertunia Cotton Candy.

Diamond Frost’s lovely white flowers looks fantastic – almost like little delicate white butterflies flitting above greenery. Dead heading is not necessary and the plants are remarkably deer resistant. Without a doubt, it has performed as the most drought tolerant annual I have in the garden this year and works well alone or in containers mixed with other plants. To the right you can see Diamond Frost looking lovely in an annual/perennial container   display mixed with Dolce Key Lime Pie Heuchera and Graceful Shawna's Diamond Frost Euphorbia in the Sun       Grasses Rubrum Pennisetum. Beautiful!

To describe how well it has performed – while off keynote speaking around the country I left the plants alone for some time with virtually no water. While my other annuals flattened, little Diamond Frost just kept on keeping on and was smiling big for me when I got home. Even the stand alone hanging clay pots (left) which normally dry out within a day or two. Not only that; some of my plants are containered in full shade and are still looking fantastic – woo hoo!

Below is a gorgeous pot overflowing with Diamond Frost Euphorbia, Graceful Grasses Rubrum Pennisetum, Supertunia Mini-Silver, and Jolly Bee Geranium. This container has been an absolutely an enormous hit this year and the grass stands taller than my shoulder. Wow!

It’s true Diamond Frost Euphorbia – I love you!

Drought tolerant annual

If you would like to learn about even more creative container ideas utilizing Diamond Frost Euphorbia go online to Proven Winners.

Clay pots hung with the Hang A Pot system –

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  1. I've been seeing that Diamond Frost at stores but I didn't know how it would do. I guess now I know for next year! Thanks!

  2. Proven Winner Mentioned you on facebook….. I think that is fabulous!
    Great entry about diamond frost. I didn't use that in my containers this year but have in the past.

    Happy Summer!

  3. Definitely a hardy plant – really out performed all the rest and keeps on going and going and going and going and…



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