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How To Have An eWaste Recycling Extravaganza on Your Front Driveway

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eWaste Recycle on Driveway

Do you have easy access to an eWaste recycling facility near your home? No? I have a terrific green answer for you: contact an eWaste recycling center like Vintage Tech Recyclers, which is a certified eWaste recycling company near me, and have them come pick up at your home. Most recyclers will charge you a fee unless you can gather enough eWaste to make it worth their while to pick up. If you gather enough waste you can get a lower fee or even free pick-up.

Because we cannot generate enough eWaste on our own to enable a low cost pick up, we usually have all our friends, family, and community come together for an eWaste Recycling Extravaganza right on our front drive-way. We call up the recycler, make the arrangements, then call/post to the community and have everyone drop off.

When searching for an eWaste recycler, be sure to ask where all their parts are being sent to. Sending computers and equipment to China is not the answer. Having them broken down and recycled properly within EPA and ISO standards and distributed accordingly is important for the environment. We have been out to this facility, met the owners, and seen the process so are assured of the company’s high standards — meeting your local recycling companies would be a great first step to understanding the process. We can drop off equipment or have a pick-up when necessary. Be sure to set up your own recycling extravaganza soon and celebrate being green with a helpful recycling party.

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  1. Shawna,

    Great idea. I heard a story on NPR a few years ago about a US company that sent computer parts over to Africa and had children in villages melting down the different parts in a huge cauldron. As you can imagine, most of the kids were getting sick, but it was a job and it paid very little.

    Thank you for all you are doing.

    Matt Sullivan

  2. Hi Shawna, thanks for sharing this post. It’s great to see that your whole family and your friends are involved in an activity like this. Although we live in a century that can be defined by technology and technological advance, E-waste is still highly underestimated by many people. It’s essential to be aware of how harmful their e-waste can be to the environment and how they should dispose of it in a proper way. Thanks for reminding us how it should be done!

  3. Hi Shawna,
    EWaste is usually very hard to recycle, that is why many companies don’t provide it. Most of the firms, which provide it, send electronic parts to China. Everyone also can find a really good company near them, which will answer their questions regarding where electronic parts will be send.

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