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Simple Part-Shade Red Container Design

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Plant combination

Plant combination

Having a difficult time choosing designs for your containers? How about a lovely three way plant combination for part-shade? Above you see a photo very late summer when the heat has made its stamp on the container gardens , but notice the coleus looks fresher than ever? Love it!

These containers feature, Snowtopia White Improved Bacopa, Divine Scarlet Red New Guinea Impatiens, and Coleus Redhead – put together by my intern Josette Cook. I put them in mostly shade, except the early morning sun, and love the way the reds brighten up the walking path.

Special Note – Because the FTC requires it, I am letting you know that Ball Horticultural supplied the annual plants grown in this garden. I  write many instructional stories and videos with their  flower and vegetable products and donate a large portion of the vegetables I grow to the local food pantry when harvested.

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