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Test Driving Ford Cars On A Real Race Track – Which Of These Cars Is Recyclable?

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Shawna Coronado at the Ford Race Track in Detroit, Michigan.

Being invited to the Ford Test Tracks in Detroit, Michigan for the #GoFurther event was an eye opening experience. It made me realize how important the “Recycle Circle” is. Test-driving the Focus Electric, Ford Mustang, and F-150 on a professional race track is pretty darned exciting! In the video I ask the question, “Which one of these cars is recyclable?” Watch the video below and see if you can answer that question.

Corporations around the United States create products for the world to use. It starts with raw material from our earth. That raw material is refined, it is transformed into a product to use, it is sold in a retail environment, we use it and then we throw it in the trash can. That’s the traditional linear route most products use. The problem with this method is that it wastes all our natural resources and fills up our landfills beyond capacity. Wasting natural resources means eventually these natural resources run out. Once they run out, what will humanity do?

How You Can Make A Difference –

Full cycle recycling circle image from Polymer Recycling Ltd.
Full cycle recycling circle image from Polymer Recycling Ltd.

A modern urban family has a lot of buying power. We should all unite together and support the companies which are building a “Full Recycling Circle” method instead of a linear method for product processing. A Full Recycling Circle is one where as much of the finished product as possible does not reach the landfill. Instead of throwing the product in the trash can, the corporation gives us the option of recycling the product because whatever the product is – like an automobile for instance – it can be reused or physically recycled at the end of its life. By supporting companies, like Ford, who build this full lifecycle recycling method into their product line, we are supporting ways to help save our natural resources.

What companies do you know that utilize the full lifecycle recycling method? Please list them in the comments below for all my readers to learn about. I am searching for more corporations that are working to support the concept of preserving our natural resources. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

*Note – Because the FTC requires it, I am noting that the Ford Motor Company sponsored this event and related travel. I was not told what or how to document the event, I was simply invited to attend – anything expressed in posts related to the activities is my own opinion from my own personal experience.

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  1. Green? You’re joking, right? How much gas did you waste while test driving those cars? A lot more than you need too because you were driving as fast as you could which burns even more gas and creates even more pollution. Much more to say but no more time.

  2. I understand your concern. I’m not suggesting that using gas on a test track is green. I do, however, suggest more people look into companies that are working to both recycle their products and use recyclable parts in their products. Whether it’s an automobile, a toaster, a hairdryer, or a kitchen tool of some kind – all products could be a part of the recycling circle.

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