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Have a Block Party and Build Your Neighborhood

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Block Party on Shawna Coronado's circle

Build Relationships

Across suburbia you will see neighbors that never speak to one another or know the people that live right next door to them. This disturbs me. I think the downfall of our economy and the difficulties in our social society are related to our lack of unity. In the photo above you see a block party on our circle; friends and family together sharing a night around the fire pit. We bring food and drink and share fun for an evening and we do this between 5 and 10 times every summer.

Why go to this trouble you ask? First of all – it is not trouble to spend time with people who you care for. Caring for them is easy once you really get to know them and their families – they become a part of your circle in life.

Meet your neighbors. Build relationships. Have block parties so you can laugh with them and grow a friendship. Make a difference in your world by connecting with others – it’s important!

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  1. Hey, I talk to my neighbors! I think this is a good idea though. It’s a nice way to get everyone together. My wife actually suggested the idea a while back. Do you have any tips on organizing a block party?

  2. Hi Brian! We don’t do anything formal. Sometimes we type up a funny little invitation and hand deliver it to everyone’s mailbox. Other times we just set up a firepit in the center and have the kids go around knocking on doors.

    Another friend of mine says she has Wednesday Wine Night on the block and every Wednesday everyone just comes out and drinks wine together.

    I’d just write up a quick note, drop it in mailboxes and set up shop. See who comes!!!

  3. One of the best community building ideas you’ve shared. That’s the keyword, shared. You’re all about sharing. I wish there was a Shawna Coronado in every neighborhood.

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