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Best Tequila Glazed Fish Tacos with Avocado Salsa Recipe

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Ryan and Shawna cooking up one of Shawna’s favorite dishes.

Who Taught Me the Fish Taco Recipe

My friend, Chef Ryan Hutmacher, won ABC’s The Chew Search for the Weight Watchers® Chef a while back. When he lived near me in Chicagoland, he and I filmed a series of awesome cooking videos. We used fresh ingredients to prepare healthy recipes for all you wonderful peeps. 

Chef Ryan’s delicious taco dinner is $10 or less and very easy to cook, especially with freshness from your garden. The recipe includes tomatoes and onions from my very own front lawn veggie stash. It is one of the most delicious and inexpensive taco meals you can prepare. Above you see a “how-to” video that features the amazing Sun Gold Cherry Tomato and onions I grew myself.

Tequila Glazed Fish Tacos,avocado, fresh tomatoes, and other taco ingredients

To learn more about rainwater cisterns and rain exchange systems for your garden and lawn that you see in the background where we filmed, please go to the sponsor for the “Living Lean and Green; How To Cook Healthy For $10 or Less” video series, Aquascape Inc.. They have an amazing website filled with ideas to help you live more sustainably by collecting and utilizing rainwater, particularly to water a garden.

The “Living Lean and Green; How To Cook Healthy For $10 or Less” video series features Chef Ryan Hutmacher, the chef behind The Well Beyond Food Project, cooking with me (Shawna Coronado) in my front lawn vegetable garden. Together, we are creating meals that cost a family of four $10 or less to prepare and features organic vegetables I have grown myself.

Today’s recipe features cherry tomatoes I grew myself. Organic Tequila Fish with Avocado Salsa Recipe is TO DIE FOR! Cook it up!

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  1. Here I am freezing with several inches of snow on the ground, and there you are, dining in the garden. What a wonderful sight. Enjoyed the video and appreciate the recipe.

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