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Three Organic Fertilizers That Work

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Sweet Potato Vine 'Blackie' exploding out of Shawna's container garden.

Organic fertilizer is wonderful and can be inexpensive; even homemade. No chemicals or artificial ingredients are needed.

In the photo to the left, you see one of my flagstone walkways with a happy container of Blackie Ipomoea (Sweet Potato Vine) which is growing nearly five feet long. Healthy and happy with all-natural fertilizer.

While I have tried many varieties of fertilizer, my very favorites are below:

1. Rotted Manure

2. Compost (here you see Organic Mechanics Soil)

3. Liquid Organic Fertilizer (here you see Daniels Plant Food )

Manures should not be put on, or in, a garden unless it is composted first – it will burn your plants if too fresh. Rotted manure is usually “rotted” after at least six months of exposure in a compost pile. Using it as a mulch on top of your existing soil is a great idea, although it is not a traditional mulch, it will still help you retain moisture in the soil and fertilize simultaneously. I often mix rotted manure with my container gardens as well.

Organic fertilizers

Compost is gold for the garden! Compost is not officially considered a “fertilizer”, yet it does have a good, cumulative effect on soil nutrient levels. I regularly mix in manure in my compost bins, so my homemade compost is usually filled with all the microbial wonders of regular compost as well as having a stronger nitrogen level. The effect of this type of “fertilizer” in my garden is plants that grow big and happy. This year I used Organic Mechanics Soil mixed with worm castings – a tremendous moisture retentive compost – for all my container gardens.

Liquid organic plant fertilizers like Daniels Plant Food are also wonderful to use on plants in your garden. It is formulated to provide essential nutrition for both indoor and outdoor plants, flower and vegetable gardens. Because it is highly concentrated, you only have to use a little bit – one tablespoon per gallon for outdoor plants. Better yet, Daniels Plant Foods are non-toxic to children, pets, and other plants


Above you see a video that shows how you can use these three organic fertilizers in your own garden. Give it a try and go organic – make a difference for the environment!

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  1. Congratulations on your blog! It's nice to see people who care for the environment. I'm new to gardening. Your gardens are beautiful, very inspiring!

  2. Great tips Shawna.

    I live in LA, so I don't get much rain at all, but I found that if I fill a 1/2 drum of water and let it sit for a few days, the chlorine dissipates and I'm able to use it in my organic composting piles.

    Also, I found that the city gives away free mulch, so I recommend that gardeners check to see if their city offers the same.

  3. Dear sir/madam
    I would like to purchase Liquid organic fertilizer (danieal), and I couldn’t find any were in uk, and I from UK, can you please kindly tell me where I can found this item, thank you,

    Kindest regards


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