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Purple Flower of the Year – Calibrachoa ‘Grape Punch’ Is The Longest Lasting Annual In My Garden

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Calibrachoa combination


When the nights are short and cold in the fall, I love waking up at first light and taking a walk in my garden to see what flowers are still hanging on to that last bit of summer. It is a short pilgrimage to grab that last amazing bit of summer energy.

Of course, every year I like to see which annual flower is the longest bloomer in the garden. This year we faced three months of summer drought, so I had little faith that my annuals would remain, well, annuals. I thought, perhaps, they would end up being two-weekers, or perhaps grow a month and give up the fight. However, one plant this season is the hands down winner of long-lasting garden love; Proven Winners Superbells Grape Punch Calibrachoa.

With an unrestrained passion, this little purple calibrachoa marched on through the summer shining like a polished military man. Cutting through remarkable challenges to present an amazingly long-lived bloom from the moment I planted him in the soil. Grape Punch has been amazing from the beginning. In the below photo you see the last of my flowering annuals fighting it out after four frosts mid-November. All the other annuals collapsed a month ago, but not Grape Punch – it might be on its very last breath, but it keeps going and going.

I salute you Superbells Grape Punch – you have been a great comrade all season long!

Long Lasting  Grape Punch Calibrachoa

In the top photo you see Proven Winners Superbells Grape Punch Calibrachoa, Sweet Potato Vine Illusion Midnight Lace, and Supertunia Watermelon Charm. According to the FTC I need to let you know that I got these plants as sample plants from Proven Winners at no cost. I would write about them no matter what – they are beautiful!

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  1. As of Sunday mine from Proven Winners was still blooming I have a pink variety I know don’t you love them one year I got them free also.


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