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Have You Found Your Pot of Gold?

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Your pot of gold has always been inside your heart

Have you found your pot of gold? So many of us work our whole lives to have more financial benefits or more prestige and when we cannot achieve it we feel our lives are failures. Rainbows and sparkly unicorn perfection are not the goal in life for me because when you are at the end of your journey on earth you are pretty much dead. Isn’t it about the journey?

The reason I chose to live more sustainably – greener, more organic and sustainable, enjoying nature more and gardening to help my neighbors – is because I wanted the rainbows and the sparkly unicorn fun to happen DURING the journey, not at the end. Happiness is found ON the journey, and I have indeed found a lot of happiness in my life. It is mixed in with the failures and sadness, but the point is that LIVING and enjoying the journey makes the hardships in life so much better. It is the love we live, the people we care for, and the help that we share with others that is a part of making our own happiness. Living greener is simple – it’s about caring for yourself, the environment, and our community – and it makes you feel good when you do it.

Your pot of gold has always been inside your heart – when you share what you have and care for others you are making a difference and discovering happiness. Be happy with what you have had inside you all along!

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