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What Riding A Segway is Like – An Eco-Tour Idea

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Eco adventures

Eco adventures

While simply taking a walk in nature is important on a vacation, I have found all kinds of creative ways to travel when I am experiencing eco-adventures. One really cool way to see mother nature up close is to take a segway tour. It is a low carbon way to get around while you are touring on an eco-vacation. My team and I were able to zip all over the Grand Palladium White Sands – an awesome eco-resort near Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Join us on our adventure as we learn how to use the segways and explore the local environment. “G”, our cool segway guide, had zooming across the beach and jungle paths in no time. The resort hosts beautiful views, a saltwater swimming pool and the best Mai-tai’s in Mexico! Segways awwwaaayyyyyyyy!!

*Video produced by “78 Pesos”, a production team which is a partnership between Shawna Coronado ( and Mario Salazar (

Special thanks to our sponsors: The Riviera Maya tourism organization –, Grand Palladium White Sands hosted our stay during this adventure week –, and Segway Tours –

*Note – Because the FTC requires it, I am noting that the Mayan Riviera Tourism group sponsored this trip. I was not told what to document or how to document the experience, we were simply asked to attend and film – anything expressed in posts related to the activities is my own opinion expressed from my own personal experience.

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