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Donate Your Organic Garden Vegetable Harvest To a Food Pantry

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Vegetables for my food pantry

Organic Vegetable Harvest

September and early October is the time when gardeners in the north start to harvest the last of that organic vegetable goodness and close up their gardens. This is the perfect opportunity to consider introducing your community to a green and healthy idea: organic food grown without chemicals. Donate your over abundant produce to the local food pantry. When you donate, be sure to explain how you grew it (using no chemicals, homemade compost, and environmentally conscious ideas), provide recipes, and meet your neighbors who are coming to pick up the food. It’s an environmentally healthy idea to share with your neighbors.

You can see in the photos my haul to the food pantry this week from the front lawn vegetable garden. It took several trips and consisted of masses of swiss chard, kale, cabbage and herbs such as globe basil, lemon thyme, rosemary, and purple basil. Each trip completely filled the back of my car with my seats down. I’m so excited to tell you that my estimate for this season is over 150 pounds of food donated. Hooray!

If you are not sure where to go local to your community, call your city government or go to to find a food pantry that accepts fresh vegetables. Make a diff for others by introducing them to green and healthy food.

Food Pantry Donation
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Special thanks to Bonnie Plants for letting me grow their amazing herbs and vegetables in my garden this season – without Bonnie supplying these wonderful plants, I would not be able to donate as much as I have.  Together we have grown more than veg; we have helped the feed people in need!

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