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Cenote Jardin de Eden; A Garden of Eden in the Jungles of Mexico

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Cenote Jardin de Eden

Totally loved a swimming in nature experience in Mexico we had a few years ago and with winter being winter and all, you know – cold, dank, dark, horrible (and such) – I thought you could use a little break. I originally posted this story back in 2011, but it never gets old to swim in the gorgeous Cenote Jardín de Edén (translation – the “Garden of Eden Cenote”). This cenote is in the Yucatan Peninsula and was an unimaginably beautiful eco adventure and the perfect break for our cold weather.

Above you see a photo that shows the semi-tropical jungle as it connects with an open cenote, which is a sink hole that has collapsed, exposing the under ground cave water to the open air. This collapse allowed the ferns and other vegetation to grow into an amazing garden. Park managers tend the plants that surround the cenote and have added significant flowering varieties, but I enjoyed this more natural setting of ferns touching cenote water. Gorgeous light reflects off the leaves and the water in the above photo – you can imagine the 80 degree warmth and slight breeze if you look close enough. I think there’s something magical that happens when you see plants touching water. Beautiful!

Below is a photo and video of what else you can do at the Cenote Jardín de Edén – frolic in the water. Here is my daughter jumping off the edge of the collapsed sink hole roof into the crystal clear water below. My husband awaits her below. They spent the day jumping and swimming. If you watch the video at the bottom of the page you can see what snorkeling at the Garden of Eden Cenote is like to experience it yourself.

nature experience

Nature experience in Yucatan Peninsula

Snorkeling at Cenote Jardín de Edén–the Garden of Eden in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

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  1. We loved swimming the cenotes when we were there last November. Must admit, I didn't jump off the cliff. Left that for the younger people with us.

  2. Looks like a breathtakingly beautiful place. love the reflections. Good luck in the contest.

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