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The Casual Gardener Newspaper Column Blogs

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Hi! I’m Shawna Coronado, author of Gardening , a book about improving your health and lifestyle by increasing exposure to nature, greening, and building community.

For many years I have been writing a locally syndicated newspaper column which has a strong following and has been getting positive reviews related to its greening and gardening content.

Starting January 2009 I will be bringing the gardening column up here on my blog.

Hope to see you back then! Meanwhile, if you would like to go learn more about me and the new book – please go to my website – Thanks and see you soon!

Best wishes,

Shawna Coronado

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    That I’m looking forward to 😉
    I went really glad when I find that you want to be one of the Contributors in “Contemplate”

    Can you do one thing more… click so you will be a follower to and pleas… leave a smile or a hug in the comment box.

    Love Fancy

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