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How To Build A Rainbow Garden

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Rainbow Garden Design Organic Closeup PhotoEvery year I try to plant a new vegetable garden design in my front lawn no-till vegetable garden. I adore bold colors and have always wanted to create a Rainbow Garden, so decided to plant up a bright and beautiful design for my friends and neighbors. This rainbow garden design turned out marvelous and was very easy to layout and plant.

2014 Rainbow Garden Design

Because my front lawn vegetable garden is a no-till bed, I try to add different amendments on top of the soil before I plant every season. This year I added Organic Mechanics potting soil. Next season I will add fresh soil or rotted manure. First step is to draw up a quick rainbow design on paper – decide which plants work best in your color scheme (see drawing above). Below is a list of the J.W. Jung Seed Company plant varieties I chose for the rainbow garden design.

Front Lawn Vegetable/Pollinator Rainbow Garden Design

  • Rainbow Garden - Organic Mechanics SoilBlood Beets – 12 plants
  • Summer Jewel Red Salvia – 12 plants
  • Double Fire Zahara Zinnia – 12 plants
  • Lantana – Yellow – 12 plants
  • Turnip Greens – 12 plants
  • Cabbage – 12 plants
  • Purple Angelonia – 24 plants
  • Swiss Chard – Bright Lights – 12 plants
  • Verbena Light Purple – 24 plants
  • Green Circle surrounding garden –
    • Spicy Globe Basil – 32 plants
    • First Lady Marigold – 24 plants

Rainbow Garden No Till Garden Design

Rainbow Garden Design Art

Rainbow Garden Design ArtLay out all the plants in a rainbow design on top of the soil in order see if the placement is correct. Be sure to read the labels so you know how large the plants get and can plant accordingly.

With each hole dug, I add a couple tablespoons of organic fertilizer, then gently plant each flower or vegetable in the ground. Water in well, then wait for the plants to grow into a happy rainbow. Below is a video of the garden (if you are viewing this in an email and cannot see the video, here is a LINK).

Rainbow Garden Planted with Mulch

Rainbow Garden Design Photo Flower PhotographyThis garden was a great success – special thanks to J.W. Jung Seed Company for providing all the flowers and vegetables in the rainbow garden. Organic Mechanics provided soil amendments, and Winchester Gardens provided organic fertilizer. All the vegetables were donated to a local food pantry in order to help my local community feed the hungry. Grow your own rainbow garden design for a rainbow of beauty in your garden.

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