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Grow A Living Wall With No Weeds

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Colorful Living Wall Vertical Wall Garden on FenceThis February is very exciting for me – my latest book, Grow a Living Wall; Create Vertical Gardens with Purpose, is off the presses and ready for retail sale. Hooray! Grow a Living Wall discusses a revolutionary planting technique that lets you plant more than 30 plants in a floor area that is only a little over one square foot in size. Best yet there is NO WEEDING REQUIRED with the technique. Let me repeat – beautiful gardens with no weeds (see video below on the basic how to). These gardens can fit in any living environment and provide a growing solution for even the most challenged gardener.

Living Wall Garden on a PatioPhoto Credit - Plant Connection, Inc.

Below is an excerpt from the book —

Gardening with this [living wall growing] technique is amazingly simple and easy to accomplish for anyone, just by planting a living wall garden. Sited on fences, gates, walls, balconies, and even doors, living wall gardens save enormous amounts of space, while producing an abundance of flowers, perennials, herbs, and vegetables.I came up with the idea of Grow a Living Wall Book by Shawna Coronadoplanting more vertical or living walls on my own property when I picked up a 24 by 7-inch window box, did a little math and discovered that its footprint was exactly 1.16 square feet. Then I thought: What if I stacked five window boxes on top of one another and fastened them to the wall? That 1.16-square-foot garden would increase its planting capacity five times. In about one square foot of floor space, I could plant nearly six square feet of plants. This would enable me to plant between 35 and 45 plants. How’s that for efficient? And what if small-space gardeners all over the world would adopt this vertical growing method? That would mean more food for the hungry and more flowering plants for pollinators. Planting vertically could truly help a family make a difference for themselves and their community.

Please go out and get my book – it’s on advance pre-sale right now and will be released in just a few days – Grow a Living Wall; Create Vertical Gardens with Purpose. In the months ahead I will continue to blog a few easy “how to” ideas directly from the book, but I hope you will nab yourself a copy and learn about how you can grow a living wall garden full of plants with absolutely no weeding required!

Living Wall Garden Vegetable Balcony In the City

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