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How To Stop Losing Garden Tools

Stop Losing The Garden Tools 2

Do you regularly lose the garden tools because their colors melt into the garden? I do. It’s infuriating. It’s tragic. It drive me nuts. I totally lose my mind over losing the tools. I’ve left garden tools out all winter and found them in spring. My great friend and stand-in Mom, Eileen, came over last […]

Cactus Houseplant Garden Design Solution

Cactus Design in High Window

Design problem: What do you do if you have high windows in your home and they look devastatingly empty? Placing traditional plants up there is challenging because you have to climb up and water them all the time, right? What about a drought tolerant low-water solution? Cactus. In the above photo you see one of […]

Thoughts On Front Lawn Edibles – A Graffiti Experiment Fence Champion

Pollinator Fence Graffiti Experiment Photo in Winter

The Graffiti Experiment  continues in March – is it spring yet? This is a project intended to inspire community unity. Champions for the project have donated money to help pay the monthly fines my homeowners association charged me in order to help keep the painted fence experiment up for a longer period of time. In […]

Coleus Plant Container Garden Design

Coleus Under the Sea Hort Couture Container Garden

I potted up my favorite coleus plant container garden design ever. I used a special coleus in this planting which has a unique multi-color lobed design on each leaf. This coleus is from Hort Couture’s very bold and bright Under the Sea line which includes Coleus ‘Electric Coral’, Coleus ‘Lion Fish’ and Coleus ‘Red Coral’. […]

4 Easy Tips For Companion Planting For Your Garden

Ornamentals and Vegetables Living Together In Perfect Harmony

I live in a diversified, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic family. I love all our differences as much as I love our similarities, it seems to bring us all together in its own way. One day I  realized that my garden is similar to my family because I plant everything all mixed up together. I have determined that […]

Front Lawn Vegetable Garden – How To Design

Front Lawn Vegetable Garden Design

In 2012 I laid out a sun-ray vegetable garden design which has become a very popular post (see photo right). It’s been so successful that I have decided to try different designs in this test garden every year. I’d like to encourage every day gardeners who want to have front lawn ornamental edible gardens to […]

10 Good Pollinator Plants To Mix With Pelargonium Geraniums

Red Geranium with Blue Door

When I was a little girl, I remember my grandmother’s bold red geraniums as the highlight of her patio garden (the pelargonium type, not the perennial geranium). Sitting in tall containers, the red flowers were bold statements against the white, 100 year old farmhouse she called home. In the modern garden I often see them […]

Gardens Eye View Blog – A Graffiti Experiment Fence Champion

Pollinator Fence Graffiti ExperimentPollinator Fence Graffiti Experiment

The Graffiti Experiment  continues in Winter! It is a project intended to inspire positive community unity and beautiful art instead of displaying hate or negativity in our urban neighborhoods. Champions for the project have donated money to help pay the fines my homeowners association charged me in order to help keep the painted fence experiment […]

A Great Gardening Book by Dee Nash and a Contest

High Country Gardens Summer Dreams Pre-Planned Garden Photo

Dee Nash is a fabulous garden writer and a good garden friend. I first met her at a garden blogging event in Chicago in 2009  and we have been friends ever since (see her [above left] with Anneliese Valdes from Cobrahead [middle], and me); she is filled with an astounding amount of garden information and […]

Container Garden Tower Pyramid – How To Build It

Container Garden Tower Pyramid Vegetables

At the end of a pathway, just as it intersects my back patio, I have a giant empty space. Using my experience with taller container towers and a  shorter container garden tower which I built in the past, I decided to expand on the creative container idea and fill that problematic empty space with ::drumroll […]