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  • Container Gardens Front Patio

    Organic Container Gardening Tips

    Organic container gardening can be challenging from a definition perspective. While it is easy to find non-organic vegetative plants, it is more difficult to find organically grown vegetative plants from seed.…

  • Garden Tower with Ornamental Edibles

    Greenstalk Garden Tower Review sent out a garden tower for me to experience and review this season. Greenstalk Garden Tower is a space-saving planter that is vertical and stackable. I found a flat surface…

  • Enabling Garden Tall Raised Beds
    Garden Wellness

    Enabling Gardens for Health and Wellness

    One of the highlights of last season was visiting the Buehler Enabling Garden at The Chicago Botanic Garden near Chicago, Illinois. I went shortly after I was diagnosed with degenerative spinal…

  • Garlic Mustard

    Say No to Invasive Plants

    New Years Resolution: SAY NO TO INVASIVE PLANTS! Invasive plants are a frequent conversation over dinner with gardeners – we can never believe we put them in our gardens and have…

  • Compost Crank in Compost Bin

    Compost Crank Garden Give-Away

    One of the perpetual persnickety problems I have with the garden is turning my compost; a tremendous hassle when you have osteoarthritis and a small urban composting bin. My back hurts,…

  • Allan Armitage Kelly Norris Dan Heims Christina Salwitz Shawna Coronado 2014

    Allan Armitage Book Review

    Last season I had the very fortunate opportunity to spend a day with a few garden industry legends seen in the above photo at Terra Nova Nurseries in Oregon (from left…

  • Winter curly parsley with snow

    Parsley in the Snow

    Went out back this week to throw my coffee grounds on the composter and what did I discover? A DECEMBER MIRACLE! Did you know that parsley is a cold weather crop?…

  • Double Rain Barrel Installation Shawna Coronado

    Rain Barrel Black Friday

    Rain barrels and Black Friday – I know it seems an unlikely combination and yet here we are. Building a healthy garden is easier when you use fresh rain water as…

  • Yellow Tractor Raised Beds

    How To Plant a Raised Garden Bed

    Yellow Tractor is a consulting organization that coordinates amazing corporate events focused on growing food. They build and sell raised garden beds as a part of their corporate and educational initiatives.…

  • Succulent Living Wall Garden at Nursery

    Living Wall Garden with Succulent Plants

    November is the good time to start a succulent garden. If you have an area near a sunny window that has very bright light exposure, than you can grow a succulent…

  • GreenWorks Leaf Blower Image
    Garden Life

    A Leaf Blower Product Review

    Leaf blowers are a challenge; they can be noisy, they toss dust into the air, and they have gasoline fuel exhaust issues which contribute to greenhouse gases. Yet for someone with…