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Best Garden Gifts for Mom

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Garden gifts for Mom are perfect for any time of the year. Celebrating the mothers in our lives is important. If your mom loves to garden, there are a number of gifts that you can give her to show her how much you care. The gift list below are some of my favorite garden gifts for Mom or anyone who loves gardening.

Six of the Best Garden Gifts for Mom

1. A Great Tool for the Garden

No gardener is complete without good tools. If your mom’s tools are starting to show their age, or if she’s missing a few essential pieces, consider getting her a new set. Want a really special tool? Choose the CobraHead® Original Weeder & Cultivator Garden Hand Tool. I have loved my Cobrahead tools and consider them an essential in my garden.

Made in the United States by passionate gardeners, the CobraHead® Original Weeder & Cultivator Garden Hand Tool is reasonably priced, easy to grip, and virtually indestructible. I particularly love the blue handle because the color stands out and I kind find the tool easily if I lay it down.


2. Irrigation Grids are a Great Garden Gift

One of the smartest things I’ve done is add Garden Grid™ Watering Systems to my elevated garden beds. They work on ground gardens as well. I like them because they provide even water at the base of the plants in your garden. SO EASY!

Garden grids are excellent garden gifts for Mom and are a snap to install because they come pre-assembled. Just attach them to your garden hose or existing watering system. I put a timer on my irrigation lines so that I am assured consistent watering.

Birdies raised beds in secret purple garden

3. Metal Elevated Beds are Perfect Garden Gifts for Mom

Metal elevated beds are LONG LASTING and once assembled and filled, very little maintenance. Perfect in tight spaces or for the gardener who needs elevated beds for health purposes. I often get asked do metal raised beds get too hot? I live in Arizona and have absolutely no problem with them and highly recommend these beds (see photos above and below of my gardens).

My Art Gallery Wellness Garden is filled with a dozen elevated beds mixed with annuals, vegetables, and perennials very successfully. The elevated beds are cold-rolled galvanized steel. They are coated with an Aluzinc coating that is food safe. These beds are especially tough and long lasting.

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4 Strong Wind-Resistant Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas make great garden gifts for mom. Why? Ask any gardener and they will testify to the fact that cheap umbrellas are quick to blow apart or fall apart in the weather. I’ve gone through dozens of umbrellas until I found this super strong umbrella that I use on my very windy Arizona patio. I INVESTED in this umbrella because I am so frustrated with umbrellas that do not last.

The Swilt™ patio umbrella comes with the unique Swilt Mechanism. This lets you tilt or swivel the umbrella so that you can shade plants or people easily. The umbrella is built from high-grade rustproof aluminum and fiberglass ribs. Because of this, it survives stronger wind conditions and will last you a lifetime. 

5. Gardening Books for Inspiration

dry climate gardening book

Books are great garden gifts for mom. There are many great gardening books available that can teach your mom new techniques or inspire her to try new plants. If she’s interested in learning more about a particular type of gardening, such as organic gardening, wellness gardening, or container gardening, then I would be greatly honored if you ordered one of my recent garden books (see above).

My favorite new book of the season is all about hot and dry gardening, Dry Climate Gardening: Growing beautiful, sustainable gardens in low-water conditions. Without a doubt, this is a MUST HAVE BOOK if you live in a dry climate anywhere in the world. Author Noelle Johnson of AZGardenLady fame gives tips on design, maintenance, plants, and soil. The photographs are inspiring and beautiful – truly gorgeous photos that help you better understand design and procedure for planting and successfully growing in dry climates. 🌵☀️🌱🫶

The finished garden view all the way down to the seating area where the umbrellas reside.

6. All Weather Canvas Art and Sculpture for the Garden

Garden gifts for mom should be unique and special as well as useful. This season I have built an Art Gallery Wellness Garden and feature several types of art (see above). My favorite art pieces are below; Fish in the Garden by Tyson Weiss and my special All Weather Outdoor Canvas Art. I have the canvas art on my website in my exclusive Outdoor Art Shop if you want to see more designs.

Displaying ceramic fish in the garden is very simple. You can see in the photo below they look more fluid if you place the fish “swimming” together in groups of 3, 5, 7, or 9 fish. Just want one fish? That’s perfect for a garden container.

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Prices range from $30 to $80 for fish.

Additional Tips for Choosing Perfect Garden Gifts for Mom

  • Consider her interests. What types of plants does she like to grow? Does she have a favorite gardening style?
  • Think about her needs. Does she need any new tools or supplies? Is she interested in learning new gardening techniques?
  • Choose a gift that is personal and meaningful. A gift that is handmade or one that comes with a personal touch will be sure to show your mom how much you care.

With a little thought and effort, you can find the perfect garden gift for mom that she will love and cherish for years to come.

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