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Best Gifts for Gardeners with Arthritis and Chronic Pain 2022

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Need to find a perfect gift for your favorite gardener who might suffer from arthritis or chronic pain? Finding tools and products that will help make gardening easier is particularly important for people who suffer from chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis or chronic pain.

Gifts for a Gardener with Arthritis and Chronic Pain Should Make Gardening Easier

When I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis of the spine, I was disappointed to learn there is no cure for the disease. I went on a helpful anti-inflammatory diet and felt so much better. When I returned to gardening after diagnosis, I had to make a few permanent changes in order to make gardening easier. I learned to adopt tools which are more ergonomic in design. Reducing the heavy weight of tools was important as well as preventing uncomfortable bending. Over the last 6 years I have spent hundreds of hours in the garden personally testing the Best Gifts for Gardeners items.

Below is a featured list of best gifts for gardener with arthritis and chronic pain which will help you find the perfect gift for your favorite gardening friend.


Garden Grid Irrigation Systems are Great Gifts for Gardeners with Arthritis

One of the most dramatic problems when gardening is hose dragging. Beyond being inconvenient, if you have chronic pain or another condition, it can physically be painful to pull or manipulate heavy hose lines. The answer is the perfect gift for gardeners with arthritis; Garden in Minutes Garden Grid™ Watering Systems.

The addition of irrigation lines means no hose dragging, no back hurting, no watering of plants – it is all done for you. I love this tool beyond words as it is the single most helpful convenience in my garden. I recommend it to everyone. Follow this LINK and use code “Shawna10” and you will get a nice discount of $10 off orders of $100 or more.


Dramm Watering Wand

Water the Garden without Squeezing a Handle

Another of my top gifts for gardeners with arthritis or chronic pain is a rain wand which has a special handle you do not have to squeeze. My go to tool (which I have attached to all my hoses) is the Dramm RainSelect Rain Wand with a One-Touch Thumb Valve (different wands available at varying prices). It enables 9 different spray types to come out of the head. My favorite spray type is a rain shower as it is very soft when it drops in containers or beds without disturbing soil. The one-touch thumb valve is the secret sauce; it enables you to turn on the water without twisting, turning, or squeezing. This is an excellent solution whether you have a chronic pain condition or not.


The Pool Noodle Trick for Gardeners with Arthritis

When considering great gifts for gardeners with arthritis, you absolutely MUST get a pool noodle in order to do the “pool noodle wrap trick”. The pool noodle trick is to cut a pool noodle down the middle, then cut it again to a proper length and use it as a wrap to expand the width of a garden tool handle.

Here you see one of my favorite tools, the Cobrahead Weeder, with a pool noodle wrapped around the base. If a gardener you love has a difficult time gripping tightly due to arthritis or another condition, this can help a person grab hold of the tool better. A great and inexpensive solution for gripping difficulties.


Living Wall Gardening Gifts for Gardeners with Arthritis

Living walls are brilliant gifts for gardeners with arthritis. They make it so much easier for someone with chronic pain to garden and better enjoy gardening. This season I’ve been utilizing the Varden Kits from Vertical Gardening Supply and love them. Gardening “up” makes a huge difference.

Order now and get 5% discount if you use the code “CORONADO2021”.


Ergonomic Shape of a Garden Tool Can Make a Difference

Short handled garden tools which offer either a grip at the end of a straight tool or a curved handshake-grip-style makes a good ergonomic gift for gardeners with arthritis. This is because it is easier for someone with chronic pain or arthritis to grip in the handshake fashion.

Generally speaking, it is best for short-handled tools to be lighter weight for easier manipulation. Long handled tools should be heavier so that you let the tool do the work. I have been fond of Radius Garden Ergonomic Tool Line. Get the complete 5 piece curved ergonomic tool set at the link below.


Pruners with a Slip-Proof Grip for Gardeners

Choosing a slip-proof pruner is critical for gardeners with gripping problems. I’m particularly fond of the ColorPoint Bypass Pro™ Pruner which has little grip indentations for your fingers. You can lock or unlock the bypass pruners with your thumb alone. It also comes in very bright colors so they are easily fond in the garden. Find all the colors at the link below.

Elevated Garden Summer Veg Trug Wave Petunia

Elevated Garden Beds are the BEST Gifts for Gardeners with Arthritis

When bending over or spending time crouched on the ground is too difficult or strenuous, it is time to GROW UP! Elevated garden beds are the perfect solution. It is easy to grow virtually any plant in an elevated bed. Pop in flowers, vegetables, cactus, tropicals, and herbs.

I’ve been using VegTrug’s for years. They are long-lasting and very easy to reach and garden. This has been an important part of therapeutic gardening for my back issues. It is not as easy for me to garden in-ground after I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I truly love the elevated beds and find them a joy. Order now and get 10% discount if you use the code “SHAWNA10”.


view of covered patio and outdoor room


Need sun protection year-round to help protect delicate skin? Yardistry gazebos and pergolas are made from cedar. They hold up to intensive weather issues, offer sun-protecting shade, and work as a permanent entertaining room on your patio or garden. We love our 12 X 12 gazebo here in Mesa, Arizona. I use it as an entertaining area, grill and cooking area, and filming area for my videos. I adore my outdoor room and it works double-time to protect my skin.

This room also functions as a handy place to do projects while I’m outdoors enjoying my garden and keeps the heat off. I often set up a table that is waist-height beneath the pergola so I can more easily do projects outdoors without having to bend over. Granted it IS a BIG gift for gardeners – maybe a gift you should give yourself?

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