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White Creeping Thyme Plant or Thymus Serpyllum Albus

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Thymus Serpyllum Creeping Thyme 2

While writing one of the books this season, I met a really cool garden blogger, Laurrie Sostman. She has some great photos of the herb, white creeping thyme, or thymus serpyllum ‘albus’ plants on her site.  You can see photos that she took which shows the darling little scented white flowers growing in her garden (top and below). I’d like to introduce you to her amazing website and plant inventory. While Laurrie is not an active blogger this season, she has a complete plant inventory of every plant that has ever been in her garden. WOW! So astounding to see a whole garden in one location online like this. Here’s a LINK to Laurrie’s website called “My Weeds Are Very Sorry”.

How to Grow Creeping Thyme

Fall is a great time to plant any variety of creeping thyme, but you can also plant it in spring after there is no danger of frost as well. Creeping thyme grows in most soils, but prefers an extremely well-drained area with lighter soil exposed to full sun. ‘Alba’ tolerates a bit of shade better than most. Root rot is common in wet situations, so over watering or poor drainage will make the plant very unhappy. Try loosening heavy clay soils with rotted manure, compost, or gravel before planting to improve its performance. Fertilize with an organic fertilizer once per month and more often in heavy traffic zones. White creeping thyme or thymus serpyllum ‘albus’ plants are perennial groundcovers, so if they are planted in the correct spot, should return year after year.

Thymus Serpyllum Creeping Thyme

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