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National Geographic TV Pond Guys Built My Rainwater Cistern

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Front Lawn Rain water cistern and lily photo Shawna Coronado

Several years ago I worked with a local team to have a rain water cistern called a RainXchange System installed in my front lawn by Aquascape, Inc. (above) – the result has been absolutely fabulous! I have had many years of enjoyment with a beautiful fountain that runs summer and winter. In my original story about the installation I discussed the importance of water conservation and how the Aquascape pond guys are doing great things to help the world better understand water conservation.

National Geographic Wild Pond Guys Aquascape

Premiere of Pond Stars

Tonight National Geographic WILD’s Pond Stars is making it’s debut on television. Who are the stars behind the Pond Stars? You guessed it! My own personal pond guys;  Greg Wittstock, Ed Beaulieu, Brian Helfrich, and the entire team from Aquascape. YAY! Shawna Coronado's rainwater cistern fountain in winter.My buddies are rockin’ the Nat Geo world – they kick ass, take names, and build ponds that will completely knock your socks off. Be sure to tune in to National Geographic WILD’s Pond Stars TONIGHT at 10 PM ET/PT on Nat Geo WILD to see all the action.

Below is a video that shows the guys installing my very own front lawn super cool rainwater cistern before they were all TV famous and traveling the world doing their pond star thing.

5 Ways To Conserve Water

Using rain water in the garden is a great way to conserve water on your property because it keeps water out of the storm water systems. Saving water also means saving money. Other ways to conserve water on your property include –

  1. Water only before 10 AM or after 6 PM whenever possible.
  2. Mulch well to help keep roots cool with less demand for water.
  3. Utilize soil amendments such as natural worm castings or compost to help hold water in your gardens root systems.
  4. Use rain barrels or have a rain water cistern installed to help conserve rain water and money.
  5. Water at the base of your plant, not the leaves. This will help conserve water and prevent fungal problems on your plants.

My Pond Stars rainwater cistern and fountain has been an amazing source for the wildlife in my front yard and truly adds an awesome green-n-healthy touch to the front garden year round. It runs in winter (photo right above) as well as summer (below) and has been a joy for the entire neighborhood. Good Luck with the premiere pond guys, I can’t wait to see the show.

Rain water cistern and front garden

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