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Garden TV Love Right Out My Front Window

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Shawna Coronado Garden TV Tree View

Spring Garden View

Every season, no matter what that season might be,  my 12 year old daughter and I are presented with a view. Out the front window to the garden, that is. We call it “TV”. You know, “Fall TV” or “Summer TV”. Currently we are in  “Spring TV” and the show is quite tree-spectacular. We sit together in our pajamas with happy smiles on our face watching the birds, squirrels, and nature nearly every morning.

Recent estimates say that children watch somewhere between 28 and 32 hours a week of television. Might I suggest that “Garden TV” is a much better idea? We have discovered lots of wildlife in my garden and a lot of that search starts out when we open the curtains and take a closer look at Garden TV in the morning.

Do you have a view of your garden? No? Then build it. Make sure your children share it with you because there’s nothing like sharing a great view with the ones we love.

Happy Spring!

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