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Plant A Columbine This Season and Be Surprised Next Season!

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Columbine flower

Columbine Flower

This is a self-seeded Columbine under my only oak tree. A free plant. Growing in an unexpected place in the garden – a shady path in between a few hostas and inappropriately planted daylilies (which prefer a sunny spot to this shady one).

Columbine flower heads face downward, so you rarely see the attractive petals and anthers, but you can in this photo – taken from a different point of view. It is a rewarding plant for me because its self-seeding nature always surprises me with happy flowers around the garden in unexpected places like this little plant. Pick a bloom and it floats well in a bowl of water so you can see the petals more clearly.

Try growing a Columbine this year and see what surprises you find next year as well – the flowery gift that keeps on giving!

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  1. one of my favorite spring flowers…I love all the varieties and have large and small everywhere…and you are right they just keep on giving…so I give them to others if I have to move any….I also enjoy capturing pics of them…some of the Barlow ones are easier to photograph…thx for this lovely reminder of what I will see in a few months in my garden

  2. I started columbine from seed last year and it wasn't established enough to bloom – but I hope for blooms and self-seeding this Spring!

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