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How to Plant and Grow Lilium – Asiatic or Oriental Lily

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lily garden

Above you see a few wonderful smiling lilies in the garden – they are remarkably easy to grow.

How to Plant and Grow A Lily

  1. Dig a shallow hole in well drained fertile soil in a spot which is first to dry out after a rain.
  2. Plant bulbs just below surface. Mulch well because both Asiatic and Oriental Lilies prefer cool roots.
  3. Use organic fertilizer if you like, however, it is not necessary if planted in a fertile soil mix that might contain rotted manure and/or compost. Re-compost in future years.
  4. After flowers die off, dead head each spent bloom at the base of the flower to tidy up the plant and prevent seed pods from forming, however, do not remove stem and leaf material. This will ensure that the plant’s growth energy will create a healthy bulb for next season’s flower.

Lilies are able to grow in almost every state in the U.S. – most varieties survive well in zones 4 through 10. Plant a lily garden this season and invite a smile into your life.

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