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How To Grow Colocasia Gigantea – Thailand Giant

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Colocasia Gigantea Thailand Giant
Colocasia Gigantea or Thailand Giant is a Fantastic Tropical Plant Garden

My buddy sent me a surprise last season – three Colocasia Gigantea (Giant Thailand Strain). They were wrapped like babies in a little box when they arrived and I had never grown anything like them. It’s always so exciting to grow something new and happily they were beautiful and easy to grow. Giant Thailand Colocasia produce enormous leaves that can be up to 6 feet long and 5 feet wide.

I planted the bulbs later than I would prefer. Planting in June is a risk knowing well that they might not survive my zone 5 Chicagoland winters. I worried about the short time they had to grow. They grew to be the largest leaved plants I have ever grown by September and seemed quite animal resistant. Even the Japanese Beetles left the plants alone.

How To Grow Colocasia Gigantea – Thailand Giant

  1. Plant in a well-drained, fertile soil. The colocasia prefer full sun to part sun. I added an extra bag of rotted manure to the planting holes for a boost.
  2. Water regularly. Colocasia appreciate a lot of rain. Do not over-winter with wet roots, so a well draining soil is critical.
  3. Fertilize every two weeks through the summer with an organic fertilizer. I did not fertilize whatsoever and the leaves grew to be about 4 feet long.
  4. Trim any leaves that die out.
  5. Cut down or dig up in fall in northern regions. Mulch well in southern regions to help the plant survive winter.

Colocasia Loves Heat and Humid Conditions

Colocasia Gigantea or Thailand Giant Colocasia loves heat and the warmer climates. It will winter over in zone 6b or higher. If in zone 6, the plants will need a lot of protection to survive a colder winter. Without a doubt it is a fantastic feature plant in a garden and can be planted in ground or in container. I have used them here mixed in with many different types of plants. Hummingbirds loved the tropical canna’s and the bees and butterflies enjoyed the sedum and lantana. While I found the tropical colocasia did not offer a lot of food for the birds and bees, it was still a lovely, non-traditional backdrop for the pollinator garden. 

Colocasia Gigantea Thailand Giant With Butterfly and Bee Plants

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  1. I just planted 16 bulbs in containers. I have them on a heat mat and grow lights. I’m “patiently” waiting for them to sprout!! I’m in zone 6. My banana trees are doing well also. Happy Growing!

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