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Best Angelonia or Summer Snapdragon Growing Tips

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Grow Angelonia or Summer Snapdragon for Non-Stop Blooms

Angelonias are a remarkably drought-tolerant and low-maintenance annual. Often called summer snapdragons, they resemble a snapdragon in their upright habit. Angelonias hold up better in heat and drought than snapdragons. They flower most of the spring, summer, and on into the fall with no deadheading required. There are many cultivars within the angelonia family—some are shorter and have tiny blooms and some are taller with large blossoms.

All angelonias have varying degrees of fragrance that smell somewhat like grape or apple. Because of their strong stems and long-lasting blooms, they make an excellent choice for cut flower arrangements. Hummingbird moths and other pollinators love angelonia.

Below is an excerpt from my book, the Illinois Getting Started Garden Guide. It will get you going with this tough sun-loving plant.

Angelonia flower angelonia augustifolia summer snapdragon growing tips

Angelonia or Summer Snapdragon Growing Guide

  • Botanical name — Angelonia angustifolia
  • Bloom Period and Seasonal Color — Spring to fall; blue, lavender, pink, rose, white, stripes, and bicolor
  • Mature Height × Spread — 1 to 4 feet × 6 to 12 inches
  • Added Benefits – Attracts Beneficial Insects, Attracts Hummingbirds
  • Sun Requirements – Sun, Part Sun, Part Shade

When, Where, and How to Plant Angelonia

Garden centers across the country will have angelonias. They grow from seed. Plant after frost dates to ensure there will not be a frost as the plants really prefer warmer weather. Angelonias grow their best in a full sun location with a bed amended with a heavy level of organic matter. They will perform in part sun, but require six to eight hours of direct sun per day in order to produce hearty plants with lots of flower spikes. There are many different varieties of angelonia, so be sure to check the label of a plant for growth habits to make sure you have the correct height for your growing situation. Outstanding as container plants, angelonias do well as a featured plant or as part of a mixed container design as well.

Growing Tips – Water very well until established. Once established, this plant is in it for the long haul and will require very minimal care. Fertilize with an organic fertilizer every four weeks. No need to stake.

Advice and Care – Do not deadhead this vigorous flower. Trim overgrowth or leaning stems. Treat aphids with a strong blast of water from a garden hose or spraying the bugs with soapy water.

Companion Planting and Design – Angelonia’s upright habit makes it the perfect taller companion plant for cascading plants such as petunia, calibrachoa, or sweet potato vine. They are gorgeous in front of ornamental edibles, roses, fountain grass, and plume grass.

Need more ideas on how to grow all types of plants? Please check out my book the Illinois Getting Started Garden Guide.

Illinois Getting Started Guide Book by Shawna Coronado



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