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A Blue Bench in the Garden Saves the Day

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Glodea Garden Furniture Bench X70 Sky Blue

Blue. It’s always been “a thing” for me in the garden. I once had a very famous local garden expert come over to my place, look at all the blue I had around and pronounce his opinion, “How vulgar!” I’ll never forget how high my eyebrows went up on my forehead that afternoon as I consider blue beautiful and a particularly powerful color against the greens of woodland foliage that fills my shady garden. When GloDea® asked me to review their garden furniture my first choice was blue. I love this Glodea® Blue Bench X70 and think it’s found a permanent spot in the garden snuggled right below the hydrangeas and next to the garden path. I wanted to show you how it looked out back so you could see that color can be a wonderful thing in designing your garden. It saved my garden from being dreadfully seat-free.

While the blue bench might be architectural and beautiful in my perennial garden, it is also quite useful. I’ve found it remarkably strong; it can easily fit 3 full-sized humans with cocktails in hand.  Essentially it has saved me from the dreaded NO PLACE TO SIT SYNDROME. I use it functionally as a place to set tools and bags and all my garden things while I’m out back working. I let the superhero blue bench sit outside all winter last season with no worries. My review: two thumbs up.  Special thanks to GloDea® for providing the blue bench for the garden.

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