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Thanksgiving Week Easy Off-Garden Season Exercise; Gaiam Balanceball Chair Give-Away

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muscle health

Muscle health

Garden season is over here in the Midwest and Thanksgiving weekend gluttony is threatening me. With that in mind, I am looking for creative ways to keep my back limber and body fit while waiting out the cold weather. Spending eight hours a day in front of the computer in the winter means a much lower exercise rate. I do walk as often as I can outdoors, however, having a regular source of indoor exercise is important to help maintain muscle health in the winter. My requirements for indoor exercise are stringent: no hard stuff, no fancy-pants clothing required, and of course, super convenient.

Gaiam sent a BalanceBall Chair to me to try-out and I think I have discovered a partial solution for my exercise-the-back woes. When you sit in the BalanceBall Chair, the ball acts very much like a shock absorber and eases your body into an ergonomic position, so it is easy to use as a chair while sitting at a desk. It helps prevent poor posture and helps strengthen “core” muscles.

The chair system came with a plum colored ball (that matches my bedroom/office), a resistance cord, a flat band, an instructional DVD, a hand pump, and two easy to read guides – a desktop guide to use while you are at your desk and a workout guide (see in the photo above). I pumped up the ball, then followed the instructions – wearing my old holey jeans and t-shirt – and found the exercises worked my muscles while being easy to accomplish.

Exercising in your comfy jeans in your office without having to go to an expensive club – very cool! I like the Gaiam BalanceBall and am anxious to use it through the winter.

The BalanceBall System is on sale for $99 through December 5, 2011 if you want to order it directly OR you can follow the rules below and try a chance at winning the BalanceBall System. I will have the awesome people at Gaiam mail out the BalanceBall System color of your choice directly to your home if you win. What a great way to help exercise away that Thanksgiving dinner!


  1. “LIKE” me on my new Facebook Fan Page and leave a comment below letting me know you did so –
  2. “LIKE” Gaiam’s Facebook Fan Page and leave another comment below letting me know you did so –

If you like both Facebook pages you will have two chances at winning. If you’ve already liked either of us, or do not use Facebook,  leave a comment also – that counts.

The winner will be chosen from a random number generator selection on November 27, 2011.

Good luck and enter today to win!!

In accordance with the FTC Guidelines and WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that Gaiam sent this balance ball chair out to me for no charge in exchange for my trying it and writing a review about it. I like Gaiam products in general, but all opinions expressed here are my own and are completely honest.

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  1. Shawna and Gaiam is all I need to balance my life…well maybe a glass or two of a nice red wine!!!!!! Fingers crossed.. Wine and a balance ball chair could be an interesting experience…..but just think how centered my core will be!

  2. I liked your FB pg! I'm a massage therapist and know just how beneficial these chairs are for back health. I've wanted one for a looong time! 🙂

  3. Yay, rockin' the superwoman tee ; ) during your photo demo! Love it! Already liked your page but new to Gaiam's FB page. Thanks for hosting this fun and cool contest!

  4. Hi Shawna! Liked your page and Gaiam's page. Crossing my fingers! My back and legs could really use a Gaiam balance ball chair! 🙂

  5. GOOD MORNING… Shawna & Gaiam, HUGS from Kentucky!

    I absolutely LOVE this… I would SO use this sitting at my desk each day, plus get my booty in shape as well… I LIKED both pages on fb… 🙂

    BLESSINGS, Pamela

  6. Okay everyone – I have counted all the entries and used a random number generator to select the random winner of this contest.

    Drum roll please…..

    And the winner IS –

    Shari D. (Shari Dubrow). Congratulations Shari – I'll contact you and have Gaiam send out your balance ball.

    Thanks EVERYONE for entering!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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