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First ‘Mater – Tomatoes Are Ripe In The Garden

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cherry tomatoes

YAY! It is the first ripe tomato in the garden in the first week in July, not bad for the Chicagoland region. Yellow cherry tomatoes, variety ‘Sun Gold’ from Burpee Home Gardens and they taste like the sweetest cherry tomato I have ever had. Each tomato exploded in my mouth like little flavor fireworks. Simply love them and am excited for more!

What’s ripe in your garden?

Burpee Home Gardens supplied the vegetables grown in the garden this season. I  write many instructional stories and videos with their incredible vegetable products and donate a large portion of the vegetables to the local food pantry when harvested.

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  1. yeah, my sun golds are ripening too, well ahead of any other variety. I find them a little too sweet, if that is possible – not “tomatoe-y” enough. But they are early this year — none of my other tomatoes, even the other cherries, are even close to ripe.

  2. Jealous! My 'maters are still green, but there are several different heirloom versions popping out. Can't wait to see which colors they all turn!

  3. I have tomato envy! My plants are just in flower here in BC. We just got our warm weather so hopefully it won't be long before we have fruit. I have 6 different kinds this year, 26 plants.

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