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Of Fairies and Petunias and Imperfect Gardens

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cleaning a garden

Cleaning a Garden

Today I share with you a random happy event that occurred in my garden. I used to be a person that believed in weeding and cleaning a garden to perfection. Ridiculousness from end to end. What was I thinking? I was missing that the beauty is in the imperfection. I have since adopted a different way of tending garden with the realization that a weed is only a weed if the Head Gardener does not want  it in the location it’s residing in. Some weeds are welcome. Some weeds are noxious. Some weeds need a thorough spanking and complete death in the compost pile. Ah yes – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In the photo above you see a lot of random imperfection. Then if you look closely, next to my fairy door, you’ll see an unexpected surprise: a reseeded petunia. I’m sure the fairies in the garden have been disgusted by my lack of attention and decided to surround themselves with a few flowery reminders of who is really in charge. Or perhaps the Head Gardener decided that playing with her children and traveling the world was much more fun than worrying about an upstart fairy petunia.

Stop worrying about all the tiny details and let your garden fall into imperfection. Surprising the results of imperfection, it leads to happiness.

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