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Corona Tools Partners With Fermilab Natural Areas To Help Get Rid of Illinois Invasive Plants

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pruning and cutting tools

Pruning and Cutting Tools

Fermilab Natural Areas (FNA) is a not-for-profit organization concerned about the 6,800 acre Fermilab campus in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. The property is an astounding natural garden filled with lakes, woodlands, native oak savannah prairie, a marsh, and much more. FNA is working to maintain and help preserve the natural areas on the campus.

In an on-going effort to fight invasive plants , FNA has begun a weekly Fall/Winter clean-up program to remove invasive plants, shrubs, and trees while teaching volunteers the significance of native plants in the winter landscape.

As part of the initiative, pruning and cutting tools were needed. Corona Tools supplied six saws and six loppers for the team and it was an enormous help. At the first volunteer day (see photos), we removed invasive Honeysuckle from the woodland. You can see the plants quite clearly as they are the only ones with the bright green leaves remaining in the fall.

Corona Tools has been helping groups all over the country make a difference for our environment with the Corona Cares Program. Thanks Corona Tools for making a difference for the native plant prairie here in Illinois. Good job – it is appreciated!

If you would like to volunteer to help Fermilab Natural Areas like the volunteers you see in the photos, the team could REALLY use your help and it is easy to join. No prior experience is required to participate. Volunteers should wear sturdy boots and dress for the weather. In case of bad weather, the team will process and mix native seeds from the property indoors, so please come anyway.

The initiative began Monday, November 7th and goes through Winter every Monday from 1-3 PM. Meet in the Lederman Science Center parking lot. Email Ryan Campbell should you have any questions.

pruning and cutting tools

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  1. Shawna thank you for the great post and we are delighted we were able to help Fermilab. It's important for us to help support those who give to the community that benefits so many. Great job and a great organization! Chris

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