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Summer Lovin’ Green Shoe Review – Birki’s Sandals Give-Away

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Birki Tahiti Soft

Summer is here, my peeps, and my feet need to be happy. It’s all about the summer lovin’! Your little footies need some green summer lovin’ too. At the bottom of this post enter to win a contest for a free pair of shoes. When we discuss shoes we must discuss a problem: sustainable shoes made from renewable resources which are actually really-truly comfortable are nearly impossible to find. has come up with the perfect solution in building their shoes with natural cork – a renewable resource.

Birki’s contacted me and asked me to put these greener than average shoes through “The Shawna-marator”. Being a doubting Thomas I said, “There’s no stinkin’ cork that can hold up to the Shawna-marator.” They laughed maniacally and sent me the shoes anyway.

Below is the Birki Milos – it is colorful, fun, comfortable, and creative looking. In other words, absolutely perfect for my quirky personality. The bed of the shoe is made of cork and is comfortable. The strap between the toes is ever-so slightly pull-ish and rubs a bit with long walks. However, the shoe is comfortable and perfect for wearing around for summer (especially in the garden).

At the top of the post you see my new favorite shoe of all time; the Birki Tahiti Soft in Mesh Trekking Orange. This is seriously one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. No exaggeration. In the top photo you see me wearing the shoes, brand new, in Mexico during my last eco-trip. We spent the day snorkeling and walking through jungles. First day out I had no blisters and I probably walked 6 miles. I wear them to garden in and have found that the foot bed raises my foot up just enough to avoid getting splinters and the like in between the foot bed and my foot. This is good because my husband is sick to death of pulling splinters out of my feet.

To test this shoe further I put them on a hard ride through the Shawna-marator: I have put them in the freezer for two weeks, run them under water, tried to cut it with a knife (unsuccessfully), and drove over them with my car. These shoes cannot be killed. I officially deem these Birki’s kick-ass garden lady worthy!

Birki Milos Shoe

FTC Disclaimer


It is easy to enter to win a pair of shoes. In the comment section below tell me the funniest summertime story in the history of all stories. One randomly selected funny story teller will win the shoes.

I will randomly select a winner to the contest next week on May 24th and have the Birki team send out a pair of rocking cool shoes for you as the prize.

Meanwhile, while you people are telling me stories I’ll be singing Summertime and sipping cocktails with my eco-friendly sandals on out in the garden.

May the best sustainable shoe addict win!

Happy Summer!



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  1. A not so funny story…we took wonderful pictures outside in my father’s garden of him and his grand-kids on Easter Sunday…but then left the camera in the garden for over a week, and it rained! No pictures but the memory will be priceless!
    A summer funny…my boyfriend had gone to stay at his beach condo with a bunch of friends…he fell asleep while laying on the beach. BIG MISTAKE. His best friend decided to lay his hand on his chest, like he was pinching his nipple, and leave it there! well of course he woke up, but thought nothing of it. His friends couldn’t stop laughing…when he moved his arm…He had got burnt and there was a full WHITE tan line of where his arm/hand was! So every time he took his shirt off it looked like he was saying the pledge of alligance without using his right hand!

  2. One long hot summer many summers ago a friend and I went to the Drive-In movie. We where walking back from the restroom when we saw a car we thought was my sister’s boyfriend. We opened the backed door sat right down and the couple in the front set sat up. They where half naked and it wasn’t my sister and her boyfriend. We hurriedly left.

  3. I was 8 months pregnant with our second child when we bought a riding lawn mower. My husband was showing it to me in our attached garage when our toddler son locked us out of the house. The only way in was through a window which was about 8 feet above ground. My husband lifted me on his shoulders and started to boost me through the window. I was laughing so hard that I started to “dribble”, a common issue amongst very pregnant women. The more he boosted, the more I laughed, and the more I “dribbled” right onto his shoulders. At the time it was funny to me, but not to my hubby.

  4. One summer I rented a vacation home through an ad a realtor had listed in the newspaper for his own log cabin on a lake for the week of July 4th. It listed a view of the lake from the queen size bed in the master bedroom, and an upstairs sleeping loft. The home was nestled on 50 acres, and we would have horses to ride through the woods, and a canoe to paddle the lake. There was room to sleep 10 people, so our friends decided to join us after the first day. That was fine. This was going to be a great place. He called me the day before to tell me that they had chickens, and asked if I would please feed them. There would be feed under the deck. This was a little strange, but I knew how to take care of them, so no problem. He also stated that due to liability issues, we would not be able to ride the horses. Bummer, but they had not been part of the rental agreement. We got to the house, and there was no chicken coop. The chickens were roosting in the trees, there was a washing machine under the deck, the walls in the kitchen had not been finished, so you could see all the wiring. The glassed in front of the house was 2 sliding glass doors that we had to stuff paper towels in the cracks around the edge to keep mosquitos out at night. The master bedroom only had a curtain separating it from the living area, so that was how you could see the lake from the bed. When we set off fireworks on the 4th, we scared the chickens out of the trees. It was an hilarious vacation, one that we still laugh about, but one that I would not want to repeat. I had dreaded our friends seeing this place because I had got snookered by an ad by a realtor. I believed every glowing word. Our friends took it all in stride, and made it a memorable vacation. All we have to mention is “remember that vacation at Peckerwood Creek”, and the conversation and laughter starts. Our daughter thinks the highlight of the vacation was our friend hypnotizing a chicken. We have pictures to prove it!

  5. I can not think of 1 funny story. But I like the idea of free, great shoes. Sorry I just don’t have a funny life. Thanks for all you do, Lisa Anthony

  6. One summer a coworker and myself were at my in-laws cabin. We had been sitting by the fire drinking wine. We were approached by two pre-teen girls and one boy. They asked us if we wanted to joint their club. My coworker said sure and they led us through the bushes to their campsite. They took my coworker first and blindfolded her and led her away. Next thing I heard a lot of laughter so I wasn’t worried. My turn came. I was blindfolded and led away. I had to recite a bunch of gibberish and then wad til to sit. The kids had taken a cushion and soaked it with water. That is how I became a member if the” Wet Pants Club”.

  7. I have a story that just happened yesterday! My mom was busy planting her petunias in her flower beds knowing that the weather was going to turn nasty. She hurried as fast as she could to get those flowers planted before the rain arrived not paying any attention to what was happening in the sky. All of a sudden the wind hit, and it was very forceful. Thinking it was just a wind cloud at the beginning of the front, she continued working as fast as she could. The winds increased and soon the rain came with it. She hurried up the hill to the house and could hardly fight the wind it was so strong. She later found out a tornado went through on their property just a couple hundred yards from their house. We have been teasing her that the instructions on the flower label should read: Plant petunias at a 6-8″ spacing. Do NOT plant during a tornado. (Thankfully no one was hurt with this tornado – only tree and power line damage.)

  8. I am too hot to think of anything funny now! But I do need shoes that look good and don’t make my feet hurt, so sign me up! Thanks!

  9. First- I love that you said they laughed maniaclly.
    My summer story… The summer our baby was born (in June), she went to her first baseball game (a short season A team) when she was 9 days old. My husband’s best friend would grab her from us as soon as we walked through the gates, and we honestly didn’t get to hold her much! haha The next summer she was a year old, and Ike the Spike (the team’s mascot) just loved her. He would come over, and she would stick out her arms to go to him, and he would walk around the park with her. I have a photo where her expression is totally, “stay away, he’s mine”. The next summer, however, it was a new person under the mascot suit, and she could tell! She wanted nothing to do with him. But no fear- the original one returned in the late season, and she knew it was him, so all was right with the world.
    To this day, she loves to go to baseball games, and loves her Ike the Spike.

  10. years ago my boyfriend made a great garden spot for me. he lived in the country on a farm and the soil was amazing with a lot of cow manure. my plants got much bigger than the packaging said but one day i noticed my flowers were shrinking. there were gophers or something going through and eating them a little every day. they just finally disappeared into the ground.

  11. I guess it wasn’t funny at the time, but looking back we all laugh about the time my mom decided we were old enough to stay home alone during the summer. My older sisters were 13, I was 12 and my youngest sister was 8. The rules were clear…no one allowed over when parents weren’t home. We thought we were so slick having friends over during the day anyway and would have likely gotten away with it if my mom hadn’t seen my older sisters boyfriend riding his bike out of our neighborhood one day on her way home. Boy did we get in trouble! Needless to say we weren’t allowed to stay home alone anymore.

    Anyway, if I win I may just have to copy you (in all your awesomeness) and go with the Tahiti Soft in Mesh Trekking Orange. Thanks for all you do!

  12. I hope I’m not too late, since it is May 24. My funniest summer story would be from 1996 when I decided to emulate Sinead O’Connor and Dolores O’Riordan by shaving my head. I really thought it would be flattering in a very early-mid-90s sort of way but, instead, I constantly was mistaken for a boy, my senior HS pictures are awful, and it took a few days before my mom would speak to me. I was also only about 100 lbs and wore braces, adding to the overall look. Sigh.

  13. You, Carole, are the randomly selected winner of the shoes. Peeing on your husbands head — PRICELESS!!! 🙂

    I laughed so hard I fell off my chair. 🙂


  14. Thanks so much Shawna! Those shoes look so comfy. Can’t wait to try them on. P.S. That story is completely true … can’t make up something like that!

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