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Garden Clothing Review

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garden clothing review

garden clothing review

When I first began the journey with spinal osteoarthritis treatment, I was in tremendous pain. The most obvious thoughts on my personal healing agenda were how to exercise and strengthen my body in order to have less pain and how to eat better so that my inflammation would go down. These two categories became my focus points. As I began sharing this story publicly I received hundreds of notes from women who suffer from chronic conditions other than spinal-related pain and these people shared their stories privately with me. They all requested answers for everyday concerns outside of gardening and food, like how to use kitchen tools, how to clean, how to dress, how to walk, and how to drive with less chronic pain. Today’s garden clothing review is in response to these ladies who need answers. I will do my best to continue bringing product reviews and smart ideas forward to help all of you with your chronic pain conditions.

Wearing clothing that is looser makes it easier for someone with chronic pain to pull clothing on and off. Today’s reviews focus on two products – Boody Eco Wear and Rosie’s Workwear – both products offer lightweight comfort and ease of wear while allowing you to do all the normal worky-things you do in your life and in your garden.

Boody Review

First, let’s talk about the white t-shirt I’m modeling below in my garden. This Boody Eco-Wear V-Neck Shirt is the softest shirt I have ever worn. It feels like silk or a wisp of feathers and I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. It’s made from bamboo which has not been chemically treated which makes this particularly good for people who have sensitive skin or who might be going through chemotherapy. Very very soft and stretchy, it’s wonderfully easy to put on. If white shirts aren’t your thing, this t-shirt comes in black as well. I got the white shirt dirty in the garden and it washed out quite easily. This shirt would be excellent for yoga, but would not be good for painting projects and that sort of thing because of the white color. I am wearing a size large in this image. My review is definitely positive, although I think I’d like the shirt even better for wearing under scratchy sweaters and perhaps even for sleepwear.

garden clothing review

Rosies Workwear Review

Next, let’s chat about the Rosies Workwear Overalls in Eggplant – WOW WOW WOW! My review of this product is over-the-top positive. These overalls are perfect for any season because YOU CAN ZIP THE LEGS OFF and turn them magically into Capri-overalls. I LOVE THIS FEATURE! Typically overalls are too heavy or too long. Overall is the “Short Small” size and as a woman who lost two inches because of my spinal osteoarthritis, I’m deeply appreciative of the fact that the crotch of the overalls is not down to my knees.

Rosies Workwear fits well and better yet, you can snap the bibs together while you are not wearing them and then step into the pants legs and slip the bibs up over your shoulders without having to squeeze your hands tight or hurt your back. This is perfect for my osteoarthritis condition and I know it would be helpful for so many of you with chronic pain as well. These overalls are tough but made for a women’s figure. The overalls are made for hard work in the garden as well and wash very well. These clothes are great if you are a professional landscaper or horticulturist or especially an ordinary everyday gardener. I think these overalls are far more than fashionable; they are built durable for REAL work in the garden by REAL gardeners who have issues and concerns about being active.

Both Rosies Workwear and Boody Eco-Wear get an “A” review after I put them through the Shawna-marator garden clothing review experience. My advice on both the clothing pieces is to wash them following directions and be sure to hang them to dry to increase their life and wear value. Very special thanks to both Rosie’s and Boody for sending the clothing out for me to test.

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