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How to Build an Elevated Herb Garden

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VegTrug Herb Garden with Living Wall

Fall is a time when a lot of our gardens are winding down. I’ve cleaned up the beds and have stopped watering my Chicagoland Zone 5 garden beyond a few elevated beds and container gardens. I was thinking of slowing down for the season because the hosta leaves are browning and my garden is signaling me that it is time for a rest. My friends at the VegTrug company called me this week and challenged me to plant a fall herb garden in the Herb Garden VegTrug. Imagine all the potential for flavoring up my favorite fall soups and dishes with fresh herbs? Who says fall is the end of the season? Let’s speed’er up and bring on the flavor.

VegTrug Herb Garden Grey Wash

How to Plant Herbs

Planting herbs is pretty simple – get the soil right and the whole garden will be growing brilliantly. My secret soil formula is one part potting soil, one part compost, and one part rotted manure. Throw in a handful of worm castings while humming a round of “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme” and you’ve got some serious magic working for your herbs.

Dig a hole, add organic fertilizer (following package directions), then plant the herb. Water in well and lickety-split you will have some beautiful deliciousness just in time for your favorite fall cooking adventures. Want to save yourself a whole lotta time and energy? Install Garden Grid™ watering systems by Garden In Minutes® – my FAVORITE gardening grids. My herb selections for this garden are basil, parsley, lemon thyme, mint, curry, rosemary, thyme, and silver sage.

VegTrug Herb Garden Soil and Fertilizer
VegTrug Herb Garden Silver and Chartreuse

Vegtrug Herb Garden Product Review 

Building an herb garden can be a true delight and this elevated Herb Garden planter bed by VegTrug makes it easier to do because there is no bending when you plant. You will need a screwdriver or a battery-powered screw tool. My hope is that they develop a unit in the future that requires no screws and just locks together, which would make it even easier for someone with arthritis or another condition to assemble the bed. I assembled the entire unit in less than 20 minutes after I received it in the mail.

I LOVE the gray color of the elevated bed and placed it in an unlikely area in front of my living wall garden and behind a large group of Lamb’s Ears because both the fuzzy Lamb’s Ears and plants in the living wall unit are silver-toned. Curry and sage are also silver, so the combo gives a nice SILVER PUNCH to the side garden for fall. Building a fall elevated herb garden is a great idea to help you extend your herb season. Be sure to cover the herbs with a row cover or sheet for the first few touches of frost in hopes of extending the season even further. Happy Fall Gardening!

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