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Living Wall Garden with Succulent Plants

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Succulent Living Wall Garden at Nursery © Shawna Coronado

November is the good time to start a succulent garden. If you have an area near a sunny window that has very bright light exposure, than you can grow a succulent Succulent Living Wall Garden © Shawna Coronadogarden inside starting now, then transfer it into the garden in the spring. Succulents are enormously practical because they require very little water, and are therefore extremely drought and dry-air tolerant. In my book Grow a Living Wall; Create Vertical Gardens with Purpose I teach you how to grow several gardens that are perfect for drought conditions. Below is an excerpt from the book teaching you how to grow a living wall garden with succulent plants.

Succulents survive in many different climates. Several types of sedums, for example, can survive seemingly arctic-like winter conditions in the North. However, most exotic succulents found in modern greenhouses and grown for their very unusual shapes and architecture are known to survive in arid climactic conditions. On average, these tough plants can thrive down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit at night but prefer day temperatures that range between 70 and about 85 degrees Grow a Living Wall Book by Shawna CoronadoFahrenheit and average nightly temperatures no lower than 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the succulent an excellent candidate for most balconies or patios during the summer.

Most succulents prefer bright light, but they can scorch badly when placed in direct sunlight. Scorch is easy to diagnose as the leaves will turn brown or even white as the plant bleaches heavily in the sun. Some succulents that get too little light will get leggy and grow out of shape to try to reach the light. Therefore bright, even light is preferred. Many walls, fences, and gates have bright light conditions without direct light, making them an excellent location for succulents (or try growing them inside as well).


Once you receive your Bright Green GroVert Living Wall Planter Kit, fill it with your favorite cactus soil mix, gently plant the succulents in the wall unit being careful not to break the plant stems, back fill with soil, water well while it’s laying flat, then hang on the wall. Once it is hung on the wall, water from the top irrigator bin. This planting design uses a mix of colorful succulents, but it can be planted in a one color theme or various designs utilizing the drought tolerant plant’s architectural shapes. I grew this living wall at a local nursery – The Planter’s Palette (please contact them should you want to order some of the below listed succulents).

Planting Succulents with Shawna Coronado

Succulent plants ready for gardenPLANT CHOICES FOR THIS LIVING WALL GARDEN
• Burro’s Tail (Sedum morganianum)
• Hens-and-Chicks (Sempervivum tectorum or Echeveria elegans)
• Jade plant (Crassula ovata)
• Medicine plant (Aloe vera)
• Pink vygie (Lampranthus blandus)
• Plush plant (Echiveria pulvinata)
• Senecio (Senecio Spp.)
• Stonecrop (Sedum acre)

If you like this creative living wall garden with succulent plants and want to learn more about all types of vertical wall gardening such as vegetable, herbal, and therapeutic plantings, please get my book Grow a Living Wall; Create Vertical Gardens with Purpose – it is a book that teaches all types of useful ideas for growing a living wall.


Succulent Living Wall Vertical Garden © Shawna Coronado

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  1. So do these vertical gardens not use/require soil? I would think the soil would fall out when you hang them up. Or does it just stay put somehow?

  2. Hi Kate! The gardens all require soil. You can do a search on my website for more living wall projects and see most of them require soil. The planting containers are angled so that the soil does not come out. 🙂 It works great!

  3. I love this! Succulents are such cool plants, and it’s so easy to make an artful mix. And, yes, awesome in most climates. You have a really pretty piece here, and makes a nice outdoor conversation piece. Bright sunlight but not direct—sounds like it would be best suited for a north or south wall?

  4. I think this would function well on a North or West wall. You can adapt anything with the appropriate plants, however, so keep your mind open to the area when you’re searching for your favorite succulents.

  5. Could I please get some ideas to build a garden bed on my terrace out of materials that are not very costly because i have a lot of space and I am really interested in gardening and I want to grow my own vegetables, fruits and flowers.

  6. Could I please get some ideas on building garden bed on my terrace out of materials that do not cost much because I am really interested in gardening.

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