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Tips For Growing White Pumpkins

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White and Blue Pumpkins

‘Tis the season for pumpkins. I loved these displays of blue and white pumpkins at the Morton Arboretum. While it is too late to plant a pumpkin this season, it is not too late to start planning the garden for next season. I’ve fallen madly in love with the white pumpkins. Jung Seed has many varieties, but I think the ‘Full Moon’ variety is easy to find in seed and is an experiment in growing; it can grow to 60 pounds and 3 feet high. Smaller varieties of white pumpkin include Crystal Star and Baby Boo Miniature. All are whimsical and fun. Perfect for painting or carving or fixing up in a pie.

Tips for Growing White Pumpkins

  • Choose a variety of pumpkin that is right for your family; miniatures are great for babies and small children, medium sized can be used for cooking, but giant varieties require more time and attention.
  • Plant in fertile, well-drained soil.
  • Only use organic fertilizer on your pumpkins; no one wants those icky synthetic chemicals in their pie.
  • Some white pumpkins take on blue and yellow tones as they age; search for a variety known to hold it’s white color like “Crystal Star”.
  • After harvest store in a shady spot to maintain the white color.
  • If you leave a white pumpkin in the garden growing too long, they often turn a creamy-beige, so harvest immediately when ripe.
  • White pumpkins can look lumpy if growing on uneven ground. If you want a more perfect looking pumpkin, lift the pumpkin off the ground either by hanging with netting or by setting it on a box upside down garden container.

White pumpkins are easy to grow and are a delightful decoration for the holidays. I hope these tips for growing white pumpkins will help you plan for next seasons garden amazingness!

White Pumpkins

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  1. I found some white pumpkins in my garden. I don’t know how the seed got there. These have black seeds. I haven’t seen black seed before.
    Are these pumpkin safe to eat

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