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I LOVE BALLS – a Gardeners Obsession!

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beautiful design

Without a doubt I have two irresistible design obsessions in the garden. Rocks and balls. Especially balls. There is no explaining it well – it has something to do with the wonderful way that balls fill in a space.

beautiful design

Round, colorful, and interesting – they are an eye-catching treat when mixed in with a lush green expanse. Above you can see my front garden jam-packed with perennials plus a delightful blue gazing ball suspended above the tops of the plants.

Glazed terracotta balls are quite captivating. You can see them to the left mixed in with seashells and rocks to be a centerpiece surrounding a tree.

Bowling balls are wonderful editions to the garden as well, particularly colorful ones. However, local trouble-making boys made it impossible for me to keep the decorative bowling balls behind my garden fence – I would find my poor bowling balls a half-mile away on the sidewalk or road. According to a local mother, “ My son likes to hang out behind your fence because ‘Bowling for Ants’ is the best game ever.” That prompted a bowling ball relocation. However, I continue to sprinkle my garden with as many balls as I can get my hands on.

Balls in Nature

Part of having dozens of balls laying around your garden is that everyone HAS to take their mind straight to the gutter, which has been quite entertaining garden fodder. When I recently participated in a garden walk, I overheard three ladies, perhaps in their 80’s who were touring my property, making naughty jokes with each other. “Why Mildred darling, do you like the blue balls?” ::peels of old lady laughter:: “I love blue balls Opal, why they’re just so big!” ::more peels  of naughty old lady laughter::

Definitely entertaining these balls.

My obsession with the round form has moved to plants as well; I am quite delighted in June when all my Alliums bloom. They make quite a show – the Allium Globemaster (seen above) towers 36” high and the  ball-like flower is almost 11” wide. Gorgeous!

Take my advice – if you a beautiful design addition to your garden and perhaps a bit of comical whimsy try adding balls. According to sweet little old ladies – the blue ones are best.

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  1. Ha! Careful on those titles, lord knows what sore of riff-raff you’ll attract. I’ve got the Globemaster happily reseeding itself on the south side of the house. It makes for lovely macro photos. There also that rather round cat statue, would that count? Great post.

  2. Shawna,

    Both Meg and I love gazing balls, we have a tiny one in a wire stand. The bowling balls are very cool, never thought of that. Just would love to have a really good gazing ball, maybe purple or cobalt blue.

  3. I’d love to have glass or terra cotta balls, but with 2 active kids, I had to find a more durable alternative. I’ve had to settle for those large plastic Christmas ornament balls. From a distance they look ok. Someday, when the kids are grown, I’ll indulge in some really nice balls. There’s nothing like quality balls.

  4. There’s no denying it – ya gotta love balls.

    I love the idea of reusing those giant holiday ornaments as “garden balls” – – reduce, reuse, and recycle!

    Anyone else know where we gardeners can get some good balls? Suggestions are welcome!


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