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How To Keep Your Fountain On In The Winter and Enjoy Ice Sculptures

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ice sculpturesThis amazing ice sculpture in my front lawn is the result of keeping the rainwater cistern fountain on all winter.

It is possible because the fountain cistern is dug four feet deep – deeper than the frost line. With most traditional fountains, they must be turned off in areas that get extremely cold. Here, in Chicagoland’s Zone 5 winters, it often gets below zero, so most fountains are shut off and disassembled during the winter season.

When Aquascape, Inc.* installed the RainXchange System in my front lawn, I was very excited to use it as a watering solution for my front lawn vegetable garden, never dreaming it would have year-round appeal. Seeing these interesting ice sculptures form has been entertaining for the whole neighborhood, with every day bringing more interest and sculptural shapes.

Want to do something good for the environment and beautify your front lawn year-round? Consider building a rainwater cistern – be sure to add a fountain to it like we did here and it will have year-round appeal no matter the season.

*Special note – – Aquascape, Inc. sponsored the installation of this residential RainXchange System in exchange for my services. This sponsorship does NOT affect my opinion about rainwater collection or rainwater cisterns, which I believe are amazingly good for the environment. I have loved the product!

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  1. The local park has a huge pond with a large fountain spray in the middle, some years it stays on through the winter and the same thing happens, only on a much larger scaler. But they don't have a hardscape feature, it's just a spray of water. I see you have a structure and I wonder if it might be damaged when ice builds up too close to it?

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