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2010 Green Blogging in Ireland – Bloom 2010 – Beautiful Gardens

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Irish designers have truly made a spectacular show for the Bloom 2010 event in Dublin, Ireland. The gardens are amazingly beautiful. Below is a sampling of some of the unique award-winning gardens and wonderful ideas for you to enjoy.

 wonderful ideas

Wonderful ideas

The above photo is a picture of Dawn Aston’s designs and Pat Fitzgerald’s incredible plants – both very good facebook friends of mine. Directly below you see a gorgeous series of sculptures that represent the elements – these were all hand made by Dawn. It was awesome seeing such talent and creativeness. Better yet – connecting with international social media friends who love greening and gardening was simply priceless.
 wonderful ideas
Below is a “rain garden” which features reused materials to funnel rain into a central cistern collection area. Rain drips down the chains in an amazing water feature/moss garden combination. Quite beautiful.
 wonderful ideas
Another garden featured giant glass tear drops mixed in with brightly colored wild flowers and a seating area. It was very yellow and orange and bright. Here you see the tear drop glass sculptures up close:
2010 Green Blogging in Ireland
In Ireland, the emerald isle, there is always reference to water. Surrounded by it and living under constant rains, Ireland is extremely green. It’s people often refer to water and here you see a garden built with slate, grass, and blue flowers to emulate waves from the ocean:
 wonderful ideas
Please leave a note and let me know which garden you like best above – I’ll bring more to you soon!!

Thanks to my sponsor for this incredible speaking, blogging, and eco-green adventure to Ireland – Glenisk Organic Dairy. They have been wonderful to partner with and have some astoundingly healthy products, particularly for children and babies. My favorite: their creamy goat’s milk yogurt! Yum!

2010 Green Blogging in Ireland

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  1. I'm liking the last one the most. Very natural & fluid. I also find the rain garden intriguing. You can tell it rains a lot when the simple channel of the I-beams is sufficient to fill the cistern. Around here those beams would all be configured under downspouts or there would be a much greater structure to capture as much rain as possible.

  2. I thought all the gardens were amazing. And yes – there's a lot of rain there – but it is also a water feature that is constantly running as well. Very cool idea!!

  3. I think one of my favorites was the last one you pictured Island garden by Anne Hamilton. I also loved the display by Hortisculptures as you come in the main entrance. Lovely photos by the way, you captured a few things I missed so thanks, Sunny

  4. I'm really hard on gloves, I tend to go right through the leather ones in about a summer. I wonder how these will hold up, and if they make any for men. The leather gloves seem clumsy at times with more delicate tasks.

    I have another question for you. Do you know how to tell the difference between Garden Huckleberry and Deadly Nightshade. I've got one of the two sprouting up nearby, and I can't tell the difference. I'm not about to taste it to find out.

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