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Tomorrow Is The “Growing A Greener World” Television Shoot In My Front Lawn

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eco friendly livingWhat an exciting day today. I am preparing the last of the garden for a television shoot with the Growing A Greener World crew. GGW is a PBS television series addressing the latest trends in eco-friendly living mixed with traditional gardening know-how. Joe Lamp’l is the producer and host – here he is with me at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show in 2009 (photo right). Apparently, my front lawn vegetable garden with a 500-gallon rainwater cistern system has enticed the team to come out and do a sustainable feature on my garden. How wonderful – yay!

Stay tuned for the next couple of days and I will keep you updated on all the fun and activities. Right now I am focused on cleaning up the garden and making sure it looks great for the cameras. We had a severe thunderstorm move through the area this morning and I am hoping that is the last we see of the storms so we can move forward with no problem with filming. Cross your fingers for good luck!

Tonight my own team – an amazing group of garden and blogger friends – Brenda Haas of BG Garden blog, Kylee Hartwig Baumle of Our Little Acre blog, and her incredible and amazing mother, Louise Hartwig, will be arriving. Brenda will be the photographer for the day and Kylee and Louise have volunteered to help with the organizing and lunch. Of course, I would be lost without them, so am very grateful they all will be here to help.

Remember to help me out and do the “ANTI-RAIN DANCE” – – this would be encouraging the rain to finally stop for tomorrow’s shoot! If you want to send me pictures of you doing the anti-rain dance today, I will post them tomorrow on the blog.

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  1. and even if, uh WHEN, the rain stops and that darn humidity climbs down from 100%, you'll need to do the ANTI-Mosquito Dance. Big time!

  2. Sounds like fun, fun, fun in the garden Ms. Shawna! And don't pull all the weeds, they're part of everyone's garden! ;~)

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