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Snowdrops in Bloom Galanthus Elwesii

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Blooming snowdrops ‘galanthus elwesii’

Finally, after months and months of winter, we now have a gorgeous view of early spring Snowdrops from Jung Seed in my garden. ::choirs singing:: Gardeners are applauding all over the northern parts of the country to see a little relief from the cold and gray as the snowdrops come into bloom. We made it to spring my friends. Hallelujah!

Snowdrops, and particularly this variety known as ‘galanthus elwesii’, are easy to grow – simply dig a hole in a sunny to a part-sun location in the fall. They love richly amended well-drained soil and will fill in nicely, so plant them about 3 inches apart. Dig a hole about 4 times the size of the bulb in-depth, then plop the bulbs in the hole with their pointy tops facing up. Wait out the winter in misery, then be surprised when these darlings poke their little heads out of the ground often while there is still snow on the garden to say hello. Let the greenery whither before cleaning up the area so that energy gets passed from the greenery back into the bulb. Growing snowdrops is easy and falling in love with them is easier still.

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