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Fall Tree on Prairie – Is it a garden?

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fall tree

Fall Tree

Here we have it – an absolutely gorgeous fall tree set along the edge of a prairie. My travels took me past this spot last week. I stopped the car and stared at it for a long time asking the question, “What is a garden?”

Definitively, Merriam-Webster says that a garden is “a public recreation area or park usually ornamented with plants and trees garden”. To me, this tree and prairie are sustainable garden that requires virtually no tending. It is beautiful, perfect, and brings joy to the lives of the people who pass by and recognize its beauty.

When I look at this setting, I see a smile embodied. And if nothing else – every garden at the bare minimum – gives me a smile. How about you?

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  1. The tree is lovely and I can see why you stopped to photograph it. I am not sure that I think an untended tree in the prairie is a “garden” in the strictest sense but this tree is just as worthy of our admiration as a more traditional “garden”.
    P.S. I love your grass wreath on the fence door

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