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The Longest Lasting Annual Flower for Zone 5

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The Last Flower Blooming Superbena Violet Ice

When I looked out into the garden and spotted a tiny bit of color peeking out from under the ice, I was completely bowled over to discover this little bloomer still hanging on (see above). It’s Superbena® Violet Ice, one of the new annual verbena varieties that Proven Winners sent out to me to test in the garden this season (summer view below).

I rarely watered it – so the plant is fairly drought tolerant – and it bloomed it’s head off from May through October, then managed to hold on through frost, snow, and ice and here it is in November. Now I know you’re thinking that this flower doesn’t look it’s best right now, right? BUT IT STILL HAS FLIPPIN’ BLOOMS!!! That’s like a Christmas miracle for the Chicagoland zone 5 area. This, my friends, is the winner of the “Last Flower Standing Contest” for this year.

I can’t wait for next summer and garden weather and more verbenas and martini’s and world peace and good stuff like that. Happy winter!

Proven Winners Verbena Violet Ice

Annual verbena varieties

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